Rugged Tablet PCs

Mobility is the new trend for the Industrial applications!! With latest developed mobility and battery management technology, Winmate combines this with its existed Ruggedness, Visibility, Fanless Computing, and Software AP capabilities and delivers the new Rugged Tablet PC product line.

10.1" Rugged Tablet PC (M101 Series)

10.1 M101 is a powerful solution for maximizing efficiencies in manufacturing, mining, and pharmaceutical. The industrial grade, rugged tablets that look virtually identical to each other, but are really very different in terms of hardware features and software functionality.

9.7" Rugged Tablet PC (M970D)

9.7 Winmate delivers our all new 9.7" Rugged Tablet PC with Windows Embedded 7 operating system

8" Rugged Tablet PC(M800 Series)

8 8" Winmate M800 Series Rugged Tablet Computer designed for the demands of public safety. Powered by Intel Pentium N3710 Processor this Window-based Rugged Tablet PC offers wide tools for data collection

7" Rugged Tablet PC (M9020)

7 The M9020 runs on a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom N2600 of the full Windows version. The tablet features a good outdoor viewability and offers 1024 x 600 pixel resolution.

7" Rugged Tablet PC (M700 series)

7 Winmate introduced a 7-inch form factor rugged handheld with two version that can runs Android 4.1 (M700DM4) or Windows 7 / Windows 8 (M700D)

Mounting Solution

Mounting Solution Winmate Vehicle Mounted Technology to streamline warehouse operations