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Vehicle Mounted Computer Successful story
Vehicle Mounted Computer

The logistics business world is currently in the midst of a massive migration from legacy mobile transportation and logistics solutions designed to run on Windows Mobile/CE operating systems to more modern platforms such as Android, iOS, and potentially Windows 10. (...more)

Interactive Kiosk Successful story
Interactive Kiosk

The customer in this application was looking to install a self-service payment kiosk at a gas station. The system integrator needed an open frame Panel PC ask part of their self servicing kiosk solution. (...more)

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Oil and Gas

Oil rigs and remote pipeline locations are some of the most dangerous and challenging work environments anywhere. Because the conditions are risky for both personnel and equipment, reliable and accurate monitoring is crucial to maintaining safe operations. Computers at these working locations must also maintain detailed data on, for example, petroleum exploration and transportation. (...more)

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In hospital operations, accurate and timely communication is imperative, and technology has long played a significant role in streamlining this effort. Until recently, this technology has been cumbersome and at times unreliable. New tablet PCs, however, are streamlining communications and operations in the medical field, enabling real-time data transfer and making it more accessible – particularly important in emergency medical scenarios. (...more)

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Vehicle Mount / Forklift

The customer in this application had an existing system that often loss communications at different locations within their facility. The older, slower, and less robust system was not as ergonomically friendly and work flow was interrupted by communication errors. The customer desired a system that would not only maintain connectivity throughout their facilities, but would be easy to retrofit, easy to transition employee to use, and easy to use. (...more)

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Vehicle Diagnostics

Leader in automotive manufacturing, cutting-edge technology, performance, and safety, was looking to upgrade their vehicle diagnostic equipment for their top luxury line of vehicles. (...more)

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In maritime activities and naval forces, rapid, reliable and durable technology is mission critical. Winmate's Marine series products feature industrial-grade design and undergo rigorous testing, going beyond military standard compliance, to ensure safety and performance. (...more)

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Winmate's Military Series of panel PCs and displays are designed to be industrial grade, and undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety and performance, going beyond military standard compliance. Built to survive drops, shocks, liquid spills, vibrations, dust, salt, and extreme temperatures, our specially designed military line of products has also been tested for MIL-STD-810G environmental and MIL-STD 461F EMC standard. (...more)

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Industrial Automation

Winmate understands the demands of these fast-paced, rugged environments and has designed a series of industrial-grade tablets that deliver on performance, functionality and design to enable increased productivity and efficiency on the factory floor. Winmate's multi-touch tablets go beyond the standard industrial panel computers with elegant, edge-to-edge design, rugged construction, powerful performance, a full line-up of I/O options, and flexible mounting options. (...more)

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The M101B Tablet PC will replace the traditional cumbersome, paper-based train operations keeping the trains running safely and efficiently without the risk of human error. The Winmate's tablet contains information such as timetable, train order, railroads operating manual or operating rulebook, and other information required by the conductor. (...more)