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Employee Care

Employee Relations

Employee rights

  • Human rights management

    Winmate follows the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), which has human resources policies, work rules, and related personnel management regulations. The company promises to treat all employees with fairness, reasonableness, friendliness, dignity, and respect. In addition, Winmate protects the human and work rights of the employees, strictly prohibits child labor or any form of forced labor, illegal discrimination, or unequal acts. The relevant labor laws and basic human rights principles shall be observed to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the employees, including:

    1. Legal protection: the labor-management agreement, which regulates the rights and responsibilities for both parties, employee behavior and ethics codes, working hours, salary policies, and benefits according to legal standards.

    2. Prohibition of child labor: no workers under 16 will be employed, and applicants will be identified and verified accordingly.

    3. Non-discrimination: no deviation in employment and work due to race, skin color, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, belief, political affiliation, social, or marital status.

    4. Sexual harassment and violence prevention: protecting gender equality in work and human dignity, prohibiting any coercive, violent, and sexual harassment behaviors, formulating Sexual Harassment Prevention and Punishment Measures, also Work Standards for Prevention of Violence in the Workplace and Grievance Management, whereby set up complaint mailboxes and hotlines to provide employees with communication channels when their legal rights were violated. In 2020, there were no violations related to human rights, discrimination, forced labor or sexual harassment.

    5. Free association: All employees have the right of association and collective negotiation freedom. Through collective negotiation, a harmonious relationship between management and the workforce can be established, thus increase work efficiency.

Human Resources Policy

  • Salary management

    Salary principles follow the local's laws and regulations. The starting salary is never less than the basic salary stipulated by the law. The company provides a fair and reasonable salary based on employee position, academic experience, professional knowledge, and reference to the market salary level, regardless of gender, race, color, religion, or nationality. Regular performance appraisals and market salary surveys are conducted to adjust the salary, to give back to employees and attract the promotion and retention of outstanding talents while promoting employment opportunities. In addition, the men and women employees have equal salary plans, promotion opportunities, and fair competition in an equal workplace environment. In 2020, the ratio of female supervisors was 24%.

  • Retirement protection

    After retirement, the Labor Retirement Measures and the Labor Retirement Reserve Supervision Committee were established by law to support the employees. By the Labor Standards Law provisions, retirement reserves were regularly allocated and stored in a dedicated bank account in Taiwan to protect labor rights.

    1. Employees who began before July 1, 1994: a monthly labor retirement reserve of 2% of the total monthly salary is allocated, supervised by the Labor Retirement Reserve Supervision Committee. The balance of the pension reserve account at the end of 2020 was 13.63 million TWD.

    2. Employees with applicable labor pension regulations: a monthly labor pension of 6% of the monthly salary is allocated and stored in the employee's labor pension account.

Employee Benefits

Winmate has set up an Employee Welfare Committee (referred to as the Welfare Committee) following the "Employee Welfare Regulations" and uses welfare funds to promote various welfare measures, protect employees' quality of life, and enhance labor-management harmony. Welfare comes from the monthly allocation of 0.05% of the company's total operating income and 0.5% of the employee's monthly salary.

Group insurance has been planned for employees to obtain complete coverage and provide employees with the best care and protection. In addition, after work, employees are encouraged to convene and organize clubs for a better work-life balance.

Employee Benefits

Healthy workplace

Workplace Safety Management

Although Winmate has not introduced the ISO 45001 occupational safety and health management system, the company aims to prevent occupation disasters by helping ensure the health and safety of all employees, following occupational safety and health-related regulations. The company has established a first-level management unit for health and safety affairs and an occupational health and safety committee. The general manager serves as the board chairman to manage plans for the health and safety of all employees. There are ten committee members, 6 of which are workforce representatives – and the proportion of these members exceed 50% of the committee.

In addition, emergency management procedures and various operating standards have been set up, whereby independent equipment inspections are conducted. In addition, health and safety measures such as fire protection, general hazard educational training, chemical management in factory conditions, and the prevention of occupation disasters are all implemented. As a result, employees can gain a deeper understanding of handling equipment and reduce human-related injuries in the long term. Moreover, fire-fighting equipment and drills are also routinely conducted to ensure a safe and lower work-risk environment.

The company has no fatal occupational accidents in 2020, whereby there was only one account of damage. The main reasons relate to traffic accidents during commuting to and from work; active promotion of traffic safety has been implemented. Meanwhile, KIM human-induced hazard risk assessment indicators are applied to implement personnel operation assessment, deploy personnel operation status, and reduce harm. In addition, the company purchased moving tools (vacuum movers) to move heavy or difficult objects.

Workplace Safety Management

Workplace Safety Management

Year Disability injury frequency Disability injury severity rate Total damage index Occupational disease rate Absenteeism
2018 0 0 0 0 1.34%
2019 2.8 47 0.36 0 1.45%
2020 1.3 6.7 0.09 0 1.42%

  1. Frequency of Disability Injury (FR) = Number of Disability Injuries × 106 ÷ Total Working Hours
  2. Disability injury severity rate (SR) = total number of days lost by disability injury × 106 ÷ total working hours
  3. Total damage index = (FR×SR÷1,000)½
  4. Occupational disease rate (ODR) = total number of occupational diseases × 106 ÷ total working hours
  5. Absence rate = personal leave + sick leave/ number of hours due to attendance × 100%

Safety and health field

  • Health Management

    Employees are an essential asset of the company, and we hope that all employees are healthy, both body and mind. Winmate provides employees with comprehensive care, regular annual health checks, and inspection items that exceed regulations to monitor all employees' health effectively. Nursing staff management provides care and tracking for employees with potential health risks, whereby employees have access to health consultations and education with resident physicians. These incentives help employees better understand their physical conditions and provide follow-up medical consulting services. "Management for prevention of human hazards", "Management for prevention of diseases caused by abnormal workload", "Management for prevention of workplace violence and grievance" are also established to prevent employees from overworking and develop the safe working condition. In terms of hardware, engineering improvements, protective equipment, and personal protective equipment are all provided to reduce employees' exposure to hazards and reduce the risk of occupational diseases. During the COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol and medical masks are provided to reduce the risk of transmission. In response to the pandemic update, electronic bulletin boards and mailboxes are used to provide timely information on the latest pandemic situation, prevention, and health education.

  • Health promotion
    1. Cancer screening:
      Cancer is the top ten leading cause of death. In addition to including colorectal cancer screening as the basic health check-up item, Winmate also cooperates with the National Health Agency to regularly organize a four-cancer screening program for early diagnosis and immediate treatment.

    2. Healthy meals:
      healthy meal options are available to help employees reduce their intake of oil and salt, which reduces the risk of diseases and promotes healthy weight loss.

    3. Weight loss competition:
      to encourage employees' healthy diet. The weight loss success rate was 15%, and the total weight lost by employees during the event was 42.8 kg.

  • Breastfeeding Room

    Having a proper breastfeeding environment is imperative, and Winmate provides a supportive environment for breastfeeding mothers. Nearly half of our female employees are women of childbearing age. In consideration for the returning mothers after maternity leave, the breastfeeding room can support the transition back to work. In addition to providing breastfeeding time per the law, Winmate also provides a comfortable and undisturbed breastfeeding room. The company establishes maternal health protection operations, combining the resident physicians, human resources, occupational safety personnel, and supervisors to ensure that the physical and mental health of pregnant, post-natal, and breastfeeding female colleagues are all taken care of.

    Safety and health field

    Safety and health field

  • Healthy workplace certification

    Most people spend nearly one-third or more of their time in the workplace every day in their work lives. The workplace can be said to be one of the critical areas for health promotion. Winmate assumes its social responsibilities to implement measures to be a smoke-free workplace and provide a healthy working environment for employees. In 2018, Winmate passed the assessment and received the Healthy Workplace Certification from the National Health Agency of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. Providing a working environment that allows employees to be physically and mentally healthy is of the utmost importance for the firm.

Healthy workplace certification

  • Won “corporate health responsibility” by health magazine

    Commitment badge – knowledge, movement, food, and supplementary – four major aspects to promote health.

  • Set up AED (Automated external defibrillator)

    Providing emergency protective measures for workplace safety, offer emergency education and training, including CPR, AED operation standard procedures, and emergency rescue courses.

corporate health responsibility

  • Contractor management

    The scope of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance is not limited to employees, shareholders and investors, suppliers, customers, and consumers. Corporate outsourcers and contractors are also one of our important provide employees with a safe and comfortable working environment to create corporate profits and excellent products. The outsourcer or contractor is managed under the "Contractor Management Operating Standards" when performing duties in the factory. An application must be submitted when dangerous operations are required, such as fire, overhead, unique electrical, hanging, and hypoxia. "Work Permits for Hazardous Work" helps regulate contractors' safety, which also reduces personnel damage caused by construction accidents. When signing a contract for the project, the company's operating regulations state that the contractor is required to sign the "Contract Safety and Health Management Commitment." The relevant operators of the contractor must have qualified certificates and wear appropriate personal protective equipment, and the construction site will also take appropriate safety protection measures. In addition to routine inspections, independent maintenance, and audits, external legal organizations are also regularly entrusted to conduct equipment inspections and maintenance.

    In 2020, no outsourcer or contractor has violated the operating regulations, and there was no occurrence of occupational disasters or business losses.