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Operation Management

Product Development

Winmate has a total of 145 full-time engineers specializing in solutions for everyday work conditions, including sunlight readability, heat dissipation, power management, mechanical design, and a range of special technologies, such as anti-salt spray. From design to manufacturing, Winmate also has a range of products that comply with ATEX and IECEX explosion-proof safety standards. Plus, the use of exclusive magnesium alloy and impact-resistant polymer materials ensures that all our products can withstand any possible vibrations and drops on the work site.

Our products have obtained a full range of certifications from ATEX, Ansi, and Zone 1 – Zone 2. Winmate devices also fully support Windows and Android OS platforms, which are sufficient to meet functional and operational challenges that may arise on site.

The biggest competitive advantage for Winmate lies in its special industrial touch display control system, I/O interface, mobile information integration, key technology research and development capabilities, and a complete product line of varying display sizes. The products combine key industrial computer technology with machine board, software, and firmware research and development capabilities. The solutions can meet certain challenges such as outdoor lighting environments, special high and low temperature environments, or system display and control interface.

With software and hardware integration and comprehensive hardware integration system planning, Winmate drives market demand by setting trends and promoting itself alongside leading players in the market.

In addition, the company is simultaneously develop the "Winmate" and "G-Win" brand name, where the channels are diversified and intensively cultivated. All of this helps to integrate talents, technologies, products and brands to create a dense network of market plan.

Marketing Strategy

Short-Term Short-Term

Focus on the development of industrial Internet of things technology and how it works as a solution for the brand, product, services, and corporate culture in every part of the world. Steadily develop a diversified business of global operations.

Mid-Term Mid-Term

Integrate and implement ESG based on the core competence of the industry, and maximize benefits and efficiency of social resources, while also benefiting itself and the industrial environment to achieve sustainable development goals.

Long-Term Long-Term

With the belief of 1+1>11, Winmate will continue to strengthen its R&D capabilities and customer service experience by forming alliances with software partners. We will also focus on enhancing our own brand and expanding into vertical markets. Through collaborations with global strategic partners, we aim to maximize the synergies in research, manufacturing, system integration, branding, and channels. Together, we will strive to increase our market share in the industrial computer industry.

Supply Chain Management

On the basis of operations, Winmate is committed to maintaining a good partnership with suppliers to achieve a win-win situation with both customers and suppliers alike. The purchase price, delivery date, quantity, and quality are all key factors for selecting and evaluating suppliers. Considerations include industrial characteristics, transaction patterns, and geographical relationships, to ensure that the supply chain maintains the stability of business operations. In response to diversified customized products and persistence in quality, the choice of its suppliers is more important. For procurement activities, considerations will include environmental benefits, labor rights and social responsibilities, and a commitment to long-term cooperation with high-quality manufacturers, which helps to maintain a good interaction model, and continue to strengthen the resilience of the supply chain to jointly create a lean and sustainable operation.

Supplier adoption and evaluation

Winmate's new suppliers are based on the company's future product requirements and procurement strategies to determine the management system and production capacity for potential suppliers, i.e. technological innovation capabilities, quality and service mustmeets the requirements of Winmate. When evaluating new suppliers, they must all adhere and comply with various regulations (such as RoHS, etc.), and be in accordance with new supplier promotion procedures. The Winmate evaluation team will propose a questionnaire review document for HSF and various capabilities, and a substantive confirmation review by the evaluation team. Only manufacturers who have passed the supplier promotion process can become a qualified supplier of Winmate, and then start the verification and recognition of SPEC. related to the volume, weight, and function of the materials supplied. Afterwards, the company will conduct annual evaluations every year to actively maintain the continuous supervision of its suppliers.

Winmate complies with ISO and various regulations. In addition to qualified suppliers as a necessary factor, it also considers whether the supplier's internal management has introduced ISO 14001, ISO 9001, QC 080000, safety and health systems, social responsibility management systems, etc.

Integrity commitment

Winmate is based on integrity management and establishing a pure trading environment to promote good co-existence and co-prosperity with suppliers, jointly meet various challenges in the market, and pursue sustainable growth in performance. In addition to dedicating to the development of the cause, it also attaches great importance to the integrity of the atmosphere. In related businesses, including transaction negotiation, supply, service, sourcing, technical cooperation exchanges, logistics, payment, and other business contract performance, we firmly resist any illegitimate benefit behaviors such as quotation conspiracy, bribery, and malpractice for personal gain. To maintain the integrity of business practices, we have signed the "Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Commitment" document with suppliers/partners, which is vital to both parties to the transaction, and pursue the sustainability of both parties.

Voluntary compliance with the electronic industry code of conduct

Although Winmate is not a full member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), as a global citizen, it voluntarily and continuously supports the electronic industry code of conduct promulgated by the alliance, including labor, health, and safety, environment, ethics, and management systems. In addition to complying with the "Code of Conduct of the Responsible Business Alliance," Winmate also requires suppliers in the supply chain to comply with environmental protection, safety and health, labor human rights, and labor conditions.

Green procurement

Raw materials used and their management

Winmate is an industrial computer industry. The original purchases include active and passive components, printed circuit boards, panels, mechanism components, CPUs, power supplies, packaging materials, etc.

Follow the "No Hazardous Substances Management Operation Process" approved by the factory for its compliance. All need to comply with RoHS and the European Union's New Chemical Policy (REACH) and other international environmental protection laws and regulations. On the purchasing management level, it also rigorously selects and introduces new suppliers that meet the requirements.

The use of purchased raw materials is divided into renewable and non-renewable. Renewable includes packaging materials, mechanical parts, etc., non-renewable includes purchased modules, etc. Whether it is recycled or not, it is carried out following the material recognition process and complies with environmental protection regulations, international product recycling regulations, and waste packaging materials regulations.

No conflict minerals

Conflict minerals refer to metals mined in armed conflicts, illegal mining, human rights violations, and inferior working environments, especially minerals controlled by the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries, including tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold are used to fund armed conflicts. Because metal is widely used in the technology industry and manufacturing industry, it has become a risk that needs to be monitored in sustainable supply chain management. Since 2013, Winmate has completely banned the use of metals from conflict mining areas in its products. At the same time, it has announced the "Conflict Minerals Procurement Statement" to suppliers, and also requires suppliers to assume Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, conduct detailed investigations on the use of minerals, and complete RMI CMRT Conflict Minerals Survey Form” to ensure that products do not use mentioned above conflict minerals.