Product Change Notification (PCN)

Date Reason Subject Affected Product Line
( Affected Products )
2020/10/28 Product EOL Product End-of-Life (EOL) Notification of 23.1” Panel PC & Display (S1 Series) Panel PC and Display
( R23L100-XXS1 (X=A~Z,0~9), R23L100-XXS1XX (X=A~Z,0~9) )
2020/10/12 Product EOL Winmate change the Ultra Rugged Tablet PC Product R08IK8M-RTU1GP & R10IK8M-RTT2GP to R08IWK8MRTU1GP & R10IWK8M-RTT2GP replacement Ultra Rugged Tablet
2020/10/08 Product EOL Winmate changes E500RM8’s panel and touch. Rugged Mobile Computer
( E500RM8 )
2020/10/07 Spec. Update Relaunch IP69K Stainless P-Series Display with Conduit Pipe. Display
( R15L100-SPC369-P, R19L100-SPM169-P, W22L100-SPA369-P, W24L100-SPA269-P )
2020/10/06 Product EOL Product End-of-Life Notification of Digital Signage Box PC/ Embedded Player. Digital Signage Box PC/ Embedded Player
( MSS970-I1, MSS970-IB, MSS970-IH, MSS550, MSS550-3G )
2020/09/30 Product EOL The Intel QM87 PCH chipset of Embedded board IH70 and related products will discontinuance Embedded Board, Panel PC, BOX PC
( IH70, XXXIH7T-XXXX (X=A~Z,0~9)1, IH7T-RK2U,IH70SB7-111 )
2020/09/26 Spec. Update This is the notification for customers that the Stainless & Aluminum Series P-Cap Panel PCs will be upgraded to support 3 touch mode (hand/rain/glove). PPC
( W10IB3S-SPH1-B, R15IK3S-SPC369, R15IB3S-SPC3-B, R19IK3S-SPM169, R19IB3S-SPM1-B, W22IK3S-SPA369, W22IB3S-SPA3-B, W24IK3S-SPA269, R15IB3S-SPC369, R15IK3S-SPC369, R19IB3S-SPM169, R17IK3S-SPA1, W22IB3S-SPA369, R19IK3S-SPM169, W24IB3S-SPA269, W22IK3S-SPA369, R15IB3S-SPC3, W24IK3S-SPA2, R17IB3S-SPA1, R15IK3S-SPC369-P, R19IB3S-SPM1, R19IK3S-SPM169-P, W22IB3S-SPA3, W22IK3S-SPA369-P, W24IB3S-SPA2, W24IK3S-SPA269-P, R19IHAT-66EX, R19IB3S-67FTP(HB), R15IB3S-65EX, R19IK3S-67FTP(HB) )
2020/09/21 Product EOL IP69K Stainless P-Series with Conduit Pipe will change exterior design. Display
( R15IK3S-SPC369-P, R19IK3S-SPM169-P, W22IK3S-SPA369-P, W24IK3S-SPA269-P, R15L100-SPC369-P, R19L100-SPM169-P, W22L100-SPA369-P, W24L100-SPA269-P )
2020/09/17 Spec. Update M900PT changes the smartcard reader module. Rugged Tablet PC
( M900PT )
2020/09/11 Product EOL Product End-of-Life Notification of LCD kit with R7X. LCD Kit
( R057-D1HB, W070-O1HB, R084-T1HB, W101-H1HB, R104-P1HB, R121-M2HB, R150-C3HB, W156-A2HB, R170-A1HB, R190-A1HB, W215-A3HB )