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W12L100-GCB1 12.3" G-WIN GC Series Front IP65 PCAP Display


  • 12.3” 1920 x 720 Resolution Front IP65 PCAP Display
  • VGA input and HDMI input
  • Projected Capacitive Multi-Touch
  • Front IP65 for protection against water and dust
  • IP65 FCC CE

W12L100-GCB1New Design

12.3" G-WIN GC Series Front IP65 PCAP Display
An industrial PCAP display with front IP65 water and dust proof rating, providing reliable protection against water and dust ingress in challenging industrial environments.

Front IP65 Water and Dust Proof for Harsh Environments

The industrial PCAP display is equipped with a front IP65 water and dust-proof rating, making it highly resilient in harsh environments. This level of protection ensures that the HMI is safeguarded against water splashes, dust particles, and other contaminants that could potentially disrupt its operation. With the front IP65 rating, operators can confidently use the HMI in demanding industrial settings without concerns about damage caused by moisture or dust. This feature enhances the reliability and longevity of the HMI, allowing it to effectively support critical industrial processes with optimal performance and durability.

An industrial PCAP display showcasing its PCAP multi-touch screen, providing responsive and intuitive touch interaction for seamless control and navigation in industrial applications.

Enhanced Interaction with PCAP Multi-Touch Screen

Winmate 12.3” industrial PCAP display features a PCAP (Projected Capacitive) multi-touch screen, providing a responsive and intuitive user interface. The PCAP technology allows for accurate touch detection and supports multi-touch gestures, enabling users to interact with the HMI effortlessly. The multi-touch functionality allows for zooming, panning, and gesture-based controls, enhancing the user experience and improving productivity. With the PCAP multi-touch screen, operators can easily navigate through complex interfaces, input data, and access information with a simple touch, making the Industrial PCAP Display an ideal choice for industrial applications that require intuitive and efficient human-machine interaction.

An industrial PCAP display showcasing its VGA and HDMI inputs, providing versatile connectivity options for seamless integration with a variety of devices and systems in industrial applications.

Flexible Connectivity with VGA and HDMI Inputs

Industrial PCAP displays with VGA input and HDMI input offer versatile connectivity options for industrial applications. The VGA input allows for analog video signals, making it compatible with a wide range of legacy systems and devices. On the other hand, the HDMI input supports high-definition digital video and audio signals, ensuring seamless integration with modern devices and systems. With the combination of VGA and HDMI inputs, Industrial PCAP Displays provide flexibility in connecting to different sources, such as computers, industrial equipment, media players, and more. This makes them suitable for diverse industrial applications that require reliable and adaptable display solutions.

An industrial PCAP display showcasing its 12.3-inch screen size and 1920 x 720 resolution, providing a clear and detailed visual display for precise data visualization in industrial and commercial applications.

Clear and Detailed Visualization with 12.3" 1920 x 720 Resolution

Industrial PCAP display with a 12.3-inch screen size and a 1920 x 720 resolution offers a crisp and clear display for various industrial and commercial applications. The high-resolution screen ensures detailed visuals and enhances the viewing experience, making it suitable for applications that require precise data visualization or image clarity. With its compact size, the Industrial PCAP Display can be easily integrated into space-constrained environments without compromising on visual quality. Whether used for monitoring systems, control panels, or information displays, the Industrial PCAP Display with its 12.3-inch screen and high resolution delivers a reliable and visually appealing display solution.



12.3 inches




Projected Capacitive Multi Touch

Panel Brightness

1000.0 nits

Contrast Ratio


View Angles


Display Color

16.7M Colors


Operating Humidity

10% to 90% (Non-Condensing)

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature



MIL-STD-810G Method 516.6


MIL-STD-810G Method 514.6

IP rating

Front IP65




IO Ports

USB Port

1 x USB for Touch Screen


1 x VGA 1 x HDMI (Optional) 1 x DVI (Optional)



325.02 x 146.5 x 44.9 mm


VESA Mount/ Panel Mount


Plastic Bezel & Metal back cover

Cooling System

Fanless Design



1 x VGA cable 1 x HDMI cable 100~240V AC to DC Adapter Power Cord Manual VESA screws(Varies by product)

Optional Accessory

Remote Controller (Optional,Varies by product)


Power Rating

12V DC in 24V DC in (optional)



5 Keys: - , + , Power , Esc , Enter