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Agricultural Solution

Empowering Productivity Through Advanced Technology

Agricultural Solution

Industry Challenges

In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture and logistics, the challenges faced are both diverse and pressing. From unpredictable weather patterns impacting crop growth to the increasing demand for efficient distribution and supply chain management, industries must navigate complexities while ensuring sustainability and productivity.

Our latest innovation, the Winmate 12.3" Panel PC, emerges as a game-changer. This state-of-the-art device offers advanced computing power and intuitive multitouch capabilities, setting a new standard for agricultural machinery and warehouse forklift operations. The strategic decision to employ a 12.3" Panel PC in these sectors is a testament to its adaptability, capabilities, and potential to address industry-specific challenges effectively.

Benefits of Using Winmate 12.3" Panel PC in Agricultural Machinery:

  • Real-time Data Analysis and Decision-making:
    The agricultural sector grapples with optimizing crop yield and resource utilization. The integration of the Winmate 12.3" Panel PC equips farmers with real-time data on weather forecasts, soil conditions, and crop growth. This data empowers them to make informed decisions about planting schedules, irrigation, and harvesting, leading to higher yields and resource conservation.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control:
    Agricultural operations are often spread across vast areas. The Panel PC's connectivity and remote monitoring capabilities allow farmers to oversee machinery and processes from a central location. They can monitor equipment health, adjust settings, and troubleshoot issues remotely, reducing the need for physical presence and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Precision Agriculture:
    Precision is vital in modern agriculture. The Panel PC's integration enables precision farming practices through GPS-guided planting, fertilization, and spraying. This not only minimizes resource wastage but also enhances the overall quality of crops.
  • Reduced Downtime and Maintenance Costs:
    Timely maintenance is crucial for preventing machinery breakdowns. The Panel PC can facilitate predictive maintenance by analyzing data from sensors and machinery components. It alerts operators and maintenance teams about potential issues, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing downtime and repair costs.

Benefits of Using Winmate 12.3" Panel PC in Warehouse Forklifts:

  • Real-time Inventory Management:
    Warehousing and logistics rely on accurate inventory tracking. The Panel PC provides real-time inventory data, allowing operators to manage stock levels efficiently. This reduces the risk of stockouts, streamlines order fulfillment, and enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Optimized Loading and Unloading:
    The multitouch interface of the Panel PC makes it user-friendly for forklift operators. They can access loading and unloading instructions, check shipment details, and optimize load distribution for maximum efficiency. This results in faster turnaround times and reduced handling errors.
  • IoT Integration for Enhanced Efficiency:
    The connectivity features of the Panel PC enable IoT integration. It can communicate with sensors throughout the warehouse, collecting data on factors like temperature, humidity, and storage conditions. This data aids in maintaining optimal storage environments and ensures product quality.
  • Streamlined Maintenance:
    Efficient logistics rely on well-maintained equipment. The Panel PC can facilitate maintenance schedules and alerts, ensuring that forklifts receive timely servicing. This extends the lifespan of the equipment and reduces unplanned downtime.

In the dynamic realm of agriculture and logistics, the integration of Winmate 12.3" Panel PCs signifies a transformative step towards increased productivity, sustainability, and efficiency. By addressing industry challenges through real-time data analysis, remote monitoring, precision control, and predictive maintenance, these devices empower farmers and logistics professionals to navigate complexities with confidence. As industries continue to evolve, the synergy between technology and industry needs remains a driving force, and Winmate Panel PCs exemplify this synergy at its finest.


The symbiotic relationship between technology and industries has long been a driving force behind progress and efficiency. In today's interconnected world, where agriculture and logistics serve pivotal roles in global sustenance and trade, the integration of advanced technology becomes paramount to optimize operations and amplify productivity. Notably, the integration of Panel PCs into agricultural machinery and warehouse forklifts stands out as a significant leap forward.

At the forefront of this technological revolution is our newest 12.3" Panel PC. This cutting-edge device is equipped with advanced computing power and intuitive multitouch capabilities, redefining the way agricultural machinery and warehouse forklifts operate. The selection of a 12.3" Panel PC as the ultimate technological solution for these sectors is a strategic choice, firmly grounded in its design, capabilities, and remarkable adaptability to the distinct demands of these industries.

Winmate 12.3” Panel PC solutions include:

  • W12IM3S-PPB1: 12.3” ARM A53 PP Series HMI Panel PC
  • W12IM3S-GCB1: 12.3" ARM A53 G-WIN GC-Series Front IP65 PCAP Panel PC
  • W12IE3S-GCB1: 12.3" Intel® Celeron® N6211 GC-Series Front IP65 PCAP Panel PC
  • W12IE3S-PPB1: 12.3" Intel® Celeron® N6211 PP Series HMI Panel PC
  • W12L100-GSB1: 12.3" G-WIN GS Series Display
  • W12L100-GCB1: 12.3" G-WIN GC Series Front IP65 PCAP Display
  • W12L100-PPB1: 12.3" Multi-Touch Panel Mount Display
  • W12L100-POB1: 12.3" Multi-Touch Open Frame Display
  • W12L100-OFB1: 12.3" Open Frame Display
  • W12IE3S-GSB1: 12.3" Intel® Celeron® N6211 G-WIN GS-Series Full IP65 PCAP Panel PC
  • W12MG3S-GSB1: 12.3" ARM A78+A55 G-WIN GS-Series Full IP65 PCAP Panel PC

Why Winmate 12.3” Rugged Panel PC?

Agriculture has always been the backbone of civilization, providing sustenance and resources that drive economies. However, the challenges faced by modern agriculture are complex and multifaceted. From optimizing crop yields to ensuring efficient distribution, technology offers a path to overcoming these challenges. The integration of Panel PCs into agricultural machinery brings real-time data analysis, remote monitoring, and precision control to the field. With weather forecasts, soil condition analysis, and crop growth data at their fingertips, farmers can make informed decisions that optimize planting, irrigation, and harvesting schedules. This not only increases yields but also conserves valuable resources, making agriculture more sustainable in the long run.

Similarly, the logistics and warehousing industry plays a pivotal role in the global supply chain. The efficient movement of goods from producers to consumers relies on streamlined processes and accurate tracking. Warehouse forklifts equipped with 12.3" Panel PCs become intelligent agents in this intricate web of logistics. These devices enable operators to access real-time inventory information, monitor loading and unloading processes, and optimize storage utilization. This level of automation and data-driven decision-making not only accelerates operations but also reduces errors and minimizes downtime.

The adaptability of the 12.3" Panel PC to the unique needs of both agriculture and logistics is a testament to its versatility. Its rugged design ensures durability even in harsh environmental conditions, allowing it to withstand the rigors of outdoor use in agriculture and the bustling activity of warehouses. The multitouch interface provides a user-friendly experience, ensuring that operators can interact effortlessly with the technology, maximizing its potential.

Furthermore, the connectivity offered by the Panel PC is a game-changer. Through IoT integration, these devices can communicate with sensors in the field or within the warehouse, collecting real-time data that empowers decision-making. Alerts can be generated for maintenance requirements or anomalies, ensuring that machinery operates at its best and reducing costly downtime.

The integration of 12.3" Panel PCs into agricultural machinery and warehouse forklifts marks a significant advancement in the realms of agriculture and logistics. These devices bridge the gap between traditional practices and cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing the way operations are conducted. With the power of real-time data, remote monitoring, and precision control, these industries can enhance productivity, reduce waste, and contribute to more sustainable practices. As the world continues to evolve, the synergy between technology and industries will remain a cornerstone of progress, and Panel PCs are leading the way.

Core Capabilities / Advantages

Dust and Water Protection

  • Winmate G-WIN GS series panel PCs are designed with protection against dust and water splash according to IP65 standards. Making the off-highway automotive HMIs able to meet the need for advanced computing power in road-moving vehicles.

Dust and Water Protection

Fit for off-highway vehicle applications

  • Winmate automotive HMI solutions are built with high-performance computing technology in a compact body. It is suitable to be installed in a space-limited driving control room for off-highway vehicles used in agriculture, construction, material handling equipment, etc. The 12.3-inch HMIs can be VESA mount as well as integrated into the vehicle dashboard. Due to its compact measures, machine operators benefit from a less restricted view outside their cabins, easily integrated into ergonomic workplaces.

Fit for off-highway vehicle applications

Comprehensive Waterproof I/O Ports

  • The automotive HMIs are designed for seamless integration with Electronic Control Units (ECU) for current and future-proof vehicle architectures CAN, Ethernet, RS232, DIDO, and USB interfaces are provided in the M12 connectors, which are waterproof for varying industrial environments.

Comprehensive Waterproof I/O Ports

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