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Government & Public Safety Solution

Government & Public Safety Solution


In public safety situations, law enforcement requires fast, efficient communication between dispatch centers and officials in the field. This helps ensure the appropriate emergency response is rapidly dispatched, and traffic is redirected as needed to ensure safety. For law enforcement officials to be always connected, they require rugged mobile devices for reliable everyday use in both fieldwork and in-vehicle applications.

Winmate provides rugged mobile computing solutions for law enforcement use with our rugged mobile computers and rugged tablets. With various wireless connectivity options, including 4G LTE and GPS, and rugged designs with withstand all-day use, Winmate ensures that public safety officials will have the right technology to handle their tasks efficiently.

Our rugged mobile devices include:

  • The latest Windows® and Android® operating system
  • Robust wireless communications
  • Application-tailored accessories

Winmate Rugged Tablet is a smart application designed to help Public Safety Agencies (Police, Fire brigades, and Rescue Services) in the terrain. The system communicates with the operation center and provides commanders with various management and decision support tools during all phases of an incident. Tablet can be used on the route to the scene (dispatch lists, statuses, offline navigation, etc.), at the scene itself (mutual coordination, map drawings, taking & sharing photos, etc.) and also after an incident (photo archive, data store, visualization of the track to the scene, etc.).

Government & Public Safety Solution application

Industrial Challenges

Technology advancements dramatically disrupt public safety agencies. Emergency and public safety facilities use process automation to improve workflow and speed up the reaction time. With modern technologies police, emergency services can reach 24/7. Intelligent automation solutions enable safe city programs using advanced video analytics to help city monitors rapidly identify threatening crowd behavior, flood risks, and suspicious objects, among others, facilitating collaboration among various agencies. Winmate provides rugged computing solutions that help to identify and gather relevant data, analyze it, and put it into the hands of those who serve the public to serve the people better.

Winmate understands the needs of public safety operations and provides solutions to industrial challenges:

  • Truly connected

    A connected workforce increases efficiency and significantly reduces crime in public safety applications.
  • Cyber Security

    Governments use big data analytics to detect malicious cyber activity patterns and implement adaptive, data-driven ways of responding to cyber threats.
  • AI-based decision making

    Modern AI technologies such as face recognition are already incorporated into public safety workflow.
  • Data collection

    The need to collect data from a different source such as barcodes, RFID tags, 3D scans, and on-site photos and videos.
  • Work in remote locations

    Wireless signal capabilities must be strong enough to work in remote locations around the city.

Innovative Technology

  • Uninterrupted communications with wireless technologies Wi-Fi, 4G / LTE, Bluetooth
  • Precise navigation GPS / GLONASS
  • Rugged construction – drop, vibration, and shock resistance tested according to MIL-STD-810G
  • Built-in data capture devices barcode reader, smart card reader, NFC/ RFID, fingerprint scanner
  • Remote device management abilities

Safety and Standards

  • MIL-STD-810G

    Shock, vibration and drop
  • Ingress Protection (IP)

    Full IP65-rated water and dust proof
  • Safety

    CE, FCC, CCC