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Robots Controller Solution

Control and manage your automation project with rugged computing solutions.

Robots Controller Solution

Safety and Standards

  • Approvals / Marking

    - CE, FCC, IC
  • IP65 rating

    - Water and dustproof
  • Tested according to MIL-STD 810G/H

    - Survive against shock, vibration, drop

Industry Challenges

The regulations of occupational safety and health have made it impossible to use hand-held welding equipment in the car manufacturing factory since those have become too bulky and unwieldy. Also, a minimum distance between the welding gun and the operator is necessary to prevent radiation hazards. With the aids of robots to place the panel parts on the joining stations and weld them, all the employees have to do is load the stations and monitor the machines. This process guarantees safety, a better production process, and quality.

The assembly of automobiles, as well as other vehicles, requires accuracy and precision. The intelligent and steady hands of robotic assemblers are almost a necessity these days. As cars become more complex and include more electronics and safety measures, assembly robots are needed heavily on running applications for the major and minor components – painting, dispensing, sealing, welding robots, etc.

  • Data collection from the robotic automation system
    Optimizing the advantages of robot precision manufacturing by collecting data from machine processes to develop better production systems, machine learning, and development.
  • Dusty environment, strong vibrations, and often drops
    Devices used around the workshop are subject to often drops, strong shaking of the tools cart, and work in dusty environments.
  • Displaying comprehensive diagrams and charts
    It is hard to accurately diagnose a vehicle without diagrams, charts, and graphs that describe car status. The device must be big enough to display sufficient vehicle information and test plans but portable to carry around the workshop.
  • Working in gloves
    Car mechanics usually work in gloves to perform car inspections, and sometimes they have to use an IT device's touch screen while wearing gloves.


Winmate understands the demands of these fast-paced, rugged environments and has designed a series of industrial-grade HMI that deliver on performance, functionality, and design to enable increased productivity and efficiency on the factory floor. Winmate's multi-touch screens go beyond the standard industrial panel computers with elegant, edge-to-edge design, rugged construction, powerful performance, a full line-up of I/O options, and flexible mounting options. Our advanced multi-touch panel PCs maximize performance, whether used for a control room, machine automation, assembly line monitoring, user terminals, or inside heavy machinery.

Winmate IoT Factory Automation rugged solutions include:

  • Rugged Laptop / Tablet / PDA
  • Stainless PPC
  • HMI Display
  • Embedded Computing
  • Box PC
  • IoT Gateway
  • Embedded Board
  • Rack Server

Core Capabilities / Advantages

Ultimate touch experience

  • A large projected capacitive multi-touch screen to support viewing and interpreting the data captured from the vehicle everywhere. Experience intuitive user controls, zooming, tapping, scrolling, and more gestures with or without the gloves.

Ultimate touch experience

Quality excellence in the automotive industry

  • Winmate has won various quality excellence awards due to our commitment to providing customers with the forefront industrial-grade communication tools. At Winmate, we have the engineering expertise and strategic partnerships with the leading technology companies, also, we work closely with various OEMs to enhance devices to meet the needs of modern-day automobile producers and vendors.

Quality Excellence in the automotive industry

Rugged yet stylish design

  • Due to the harsh working environment, a rugged laptop that can work normally and withstand drops, strong vibration, and water spill is a must. Our powerful mobile devices have been tested to military standards for drop, vibration, shock resistance, and IP65 rated for water and dust protection.

Rugged yet stylish design

Multiple data collection methods

  • Consumers are expecting fast and quality service. Winmate provides rugged mobile devices and displays with comprehensive connectivity and built-in data input options like the barcode scanner, RFID/ NFC reader, MSR/ smart card reader, etc., to support faster data input and transmission in the factory and management center.

Multiple data collection methods

What's a Rugged Laptop: Durability and Performance in Challenging Environments

In today's fast-paced and demanding work environments, regular laptops may not withstand the rigors of certain industries such as military, construction, field services, and outdoor exploration. Rugged laptops have emerged as specialized computing devices designed to withstand harsh conditions, extreme temperatures, vibrations, and impacts. This article explores the features, benefits, and applications of rugged laptops, highlighting their durability and performance in challenging environments.

  • Understanding Rugged Laptops:
    1. Robust Construction:

      Rugged laptops are built with durable materials and undergo stringent testing to meet industry-specific standards for ruggedness and reliability. They feature reinforced chassis, shock-absorbing components, and ruggedized enclosures that protect against drops, vibrations, dust, and water ingress. These laptops are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, high humidity, and other environmental factors.

    2. Enhanced Performance:

      Rugged laptops offer powerful performance capabilities comparable to their non-rugged counterparts. They are equipped with high-performance processors, ample memory, and advanced graphics capabilities to handle demanding applications and tasks. Whether it's running complex software, analyzing data, or performing intensive computing tasks, rugged laptops deliver reliable performance in challenging conditions.

    3. Outdoor-Readable Displays:

      Rugged laptops feature outdoor-readable displays that are designed to deliver clear and legible visuals even in bright sunlight or low-light conditions. These displays employ anti-glare coatings, high-brightness levels, and wide viewing angles, ensuring readability in various outdoor environments. This feature is crucial for professionals working in field operations or outdoor settings.

    4. Extensive Connectivity:

      Rugged laptops are equipped with a wide range of connectivity options to ensure seamless communication and data transfer in remote or rugged environments. They typically include multiple USB ports, Ethernet, WWAN, BT, and optional mobile broadband connectivity. These connectivity options enable real-time collaboration, data synchronization, and remote access to critical resources.

  • Benefits of Rugged Laptops:
    1. Durability and Reliability:

      The primary benefit of rugged laptops is their durability and reliability in challenging environments. They are designed to withstand extreme conditions, including shocks, vibrations, drops, and exposure to dust, water, and temperature variations. Rugged laptops offer enhanced protection for critical components, ensuring reliable operation and minimizing downtime.

    2. Increased Productivity:

      Rugged laptops empower professionals to work efficiently in the field or remote locations. With their robust construction and high-performance capabilities, these laptops enable seamless execution of tasks, data collection, and real-time communication. Professionals can stay productive and make informed decisions even in rugged and unpredictable work environments.

    3. Data Security:

      Rugged laptops prioritize data security, particularly in industries dealing with sensitive or classified information. They often feature advanced security features such as biometric authentication, TPM (Trusted Platform Module) chips, encrypted storage, and remote data wipe capabilities. These security measures protect against unauthorized access and data breaches, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data.

    4. Long Battery Life:

      Rugged laptops are designed to provide extended battery life to support prolonged usage in the field. They employ power-efficient components and advanced battery management technologies to optimize battery performance. This enables professionals to work for extended periods without worrying about running out of power, enhancing productivity and minimizing downtime.

  • Applications of Rugged Laptops:
    1. Military and Defense:

      Rugged laptops find extensive use in military and defense applications, where reliability, durability, and security are of utmost importance. These laptops are designed to meet stringent military standards for ruggedness, electromagnetic interference, and environmental resilience. They enable military personnel to carry out critical operations, data analysis, and communication in challenging field conditions.

Take Your Digital Assistance Mobile with Ease

Built for mobile use, Winmate rugged tablet, laptop, panel PCs, HMI come with various mounts, docks, and accessories to ease your use during work. From vehicle docking, universal mounting kits, handle and shoulder straps, etc.

We offer a range of rugged computing customization options for projects which require unique configurations for specific applications or tasks.

Winmate High Quality Rugged Computing

Our experts offer end-to-end services from product conceptualization and development to manufacturing and service programs. If you have any inquiries about our line of products, contact our team to talk with a dedicated professional.

Get a Free Automotive Robots Controllers Consultation

Whatever your goals, Winmate is here to help. If your focus is increasing the speed of service, improving your bottom line, expanding through new channels, adding locations, exploring franchising, or maximizing customer loyalty. Winmate provides rugged mobile devices and displays with comprehensive connectivity and built-in data input options like the barcode scanner, RFID/ NFC reader, MSR/ smart card reader, etc., to support faster data input and transmission in the factory and management center. Please speak to one of our experts to explore the hardware that would best help you achieve your goals.