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Boosting Farming and Logistics Efficiency
with the 12.3″ Panel PC

Empowering Agricultural Machinery and Warehouse Forklifts
10 August 2023
Winmate unveils groundbreaking 12.3″ panel PC with projected capacitive multitouch screen, designed to transform automotive cockpits and center console displays
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TAIPEI, Aug 10, 2023 – Winmate, a leading provider of industrial display solutions, introduces their groundbreaking 12.3″ 1920 x 720 panel PC with a projected capacitive multitouch screen. This advanced panel is specifically designed to revolutionize smart personalized cockpits and haptic center console displays in farming and logistics. The 12.3″ panel PC offers a high-resolution display with crystal-clear visuals, thanks to its 1920 x 720 resolution. The projected capacitive multitouch screen allows for seamless and precise touch inputs, enabling users to interact effortlessly with the displayed content.

Featuring either an ARM A53 Quad-core processor or a combination of A78+A55 processors

With this advanced computing power at your fingertips, you can expect exceptional performance and efficiency from your device. Whether you're tackling everyday tasks or engaging in multimedia activities, the Winmate Panel PC's processors ensure a smooth and seamless user experience. Additionally, the flexibility of these processors caters to your specific needs, whether you require high-speed processing or energy efficiency. Experience effortless productivity and entertainment with the Winmate 12.3″ Panel PC, and immerse yourself in a world of seamless technological excellence.

The multitouch capabilities of the panel PC enable intuitive controls

12.3″ panel pc allowing users to navigate menus, adjust settings, and interact with applications effortlessly. From controlling the infotainment system to managing climate settings and accessing navigation functions, the 12.3″ panel PC offers a user-friendly interface.

Enhanced Productivity in Farming and Logistics

The 12.3″ Panel PC is perfectly suited for agricultural machinery and warehouse forklifts. Its rugged construction ensures durability even in demanding outdoor conditions. Equipped with advanced processing power and a user-friendly interface, this Panel PC streamlines operations, providing real-time data and efficient control over machinery and inventory.

“We are excited to present the market with our latest innovation, the 12.3″ panel PC featuring a projected capacitive multitouch screen,” stated Mr. Carter Chen, Sr. Product Manager at Winmate. “Designed with a high-resolution display, highly responsive touch inputs, and a robust construction, this panel PC proves to be the perfect fit for Agricultural Machinery and Warehouse Forklifts. It empowers industries to optimize their operations with smart personalized cockpits and haptic center console displays, revolutionizing the way these vehicles are operated and enhancing overall efficiency.”

For more information about Winmate’s 12.3″ 1920 x 720 panel PC with projected capacitive multitouch screen, please visit their website at or contact their sales team at

Winmate's Game-Changing 12.3″ Panel PC Redefines Automotive Displays












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