IoT gateways EACIL 20, EACIL 21, and EACIL 67 are certified AWS IoT Greengrass and Microsoft Azure IoT
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Published on 23 Apr, 2019

Winmate IoT Gateways are Microsoft Azure IoT & AWS IoT Greengrass Certified

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Winmate is proud to announce that its x86-based IoT Gateway EAC Mini series, EACIL20, EACIL21 and EACIL67, are now AWS IoT Greengrass and Microsoft Azure IoT Certified. The two certifications indicate that Winmate EAC Mini devices are compatible with industry-accepted cloud service benchmarks, allowing users to define the data flow and upload/exchange field data to AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud service platforms. Eventually, having these IoT gateway devices will help reduce complexity, enhance performance and improve cost effectiveness of many IoT applications and drive their business forward. As connected devices have slowly trended to becoming the norm, IoT gateways are essential to tying this cloud based ecosystem together.

The EACIL20, EACIL21 and EACIL67 are industrial IoT gateways engineered to be a stable, secure communication bridge between local devices, sensors and the cloud. Built with low power consuming Intel® Celeron® N3350 Apollo Lake 1.1 GHz processor in a compact size, these gateways suit all types of automation and IoT applications. The EAC Mini lineup also allows users to flexibly adapt and expand the IoT Gateway to specific requirements: the EACIL20 comes with a wide range of expansion modules to offer plentiful options for additional serial interfaces and USB ports to connectivity options such as Wi-Fi and 4G LTE; meanwhile, the EACIL21 and IP67 water and dust proof EACIL67 feature USB Type-C technology, meaning they can provide display output, transfer USB data and deliver up to 15W (5V/3A) of power all at the same time. This duo also include the option for WiFi and have all necessary connectors for connectivity. With the three members now being certified to support the ecosystem of AWS IoT Greengrass/ Microsoft Azure IoT, customers can save time and simplify integration of their device with cloud software solutions for whichever IoT application they want.

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EAC Mini Series
EAC Mini Series
Product Features:
  • Intel® Apollo Lake Celeron® N3350 / Pentium® N4200
  • Plentiful Interface ports with wireless connectivity options
  • Compact size with fanless cooling system
  • Desk, Wall, VESA mounting options
  • Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT
  • AWS IoT Greengrass Certified
  • Suitable for smart factory applications, building automation, IoT applications
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