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Winmate’s Stainless Product Series
Upgraded to SUS316/ AISI316

SUS316/ AISI316 for maximum resistance to corrosion for a lifetime of durability
20 February, 2020
Winmate’s Stainless Product Series Upgraded to SUS316/ AISI316

Upgrade to SUS316/AISI316 Stainless Steel

Winmate has upgraded the casting material of its Stainless product series from SUS304/AISI304 stainless steel to SUS316/AISI316 stainless steel. While the type 304 offers the standard corrosion resistance, the 316 stainless contains a significant amount of molybdenum, resulting in vastly superior corrosion resistance to rust, chlorides and acids, giving a lifetime of durability. Such upgrade allows users to clean the stainless steel more often using stronger cleansers and detergents with little worry of damage, making the machine ideal for environments with strict hygiene and cleanliness standards, including Food and Beverage industry, Chemical sector, and any areas with high salt levels or exposed to alkalis and acids.

The Stainless product series are engineered to withstand challenging environments, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure safety and top performance. Apart from the SUS316/ AISI316 stainless steel housing, these products feature water and dust proof design with Ingress Protection rating IP69K/ IP67/ IP65 to deliver the best solution for environments with hygienic considerations. Highlight includes:

  • Various Size, Touchscreen and CPU Configurations
  • Winmate provides various configurations for display sizes from 10.1” to 42”, touchscreen types such as PCAP multi-touch screen and resistive touchscreen, and stainless PPC processors including Intel® Core™ i5-7200U Kaby Lake and Intel® Celeron® Bay Trail-M N2930 for users to choose from depending on their intended applications.

  • IP69K/ IP67/ IP65 Rated Enclosure
  • The Stainless lineups are designed to be an operator control HMI for applications with high hygienic requirements such as the food and beverage or chemical processing industries. All the models are rated to at least IP65 water and dust proof. The IP69K-rated members are built to withstand extensive wash downs with corrosion resistance against cleaning agents, especially against close-range high-pressure up to 30 Bar, high temperature up to 80°C wash downs.

  • Models with Conduit Pipe/Pushbuttons to Meet Industry-Specific Needs
  • Winmate Stainless Steel PPC/display is available with a conduit pipe or pushbuttons to satisfy versatile industrial demands. The conduit pipe is waterproof to give an additional layer of protection for the peripheral cables connected to the device.
    Stainless B Series with User-Defined Function Buttons As for the models with pushbuttons, the flat buttons on the front panel are user-defined function keys directly connecting to the sensors for the fast response when it comes to authorized user control. The front panel also contains a large emergency button to provide an intuitive and quick way for the operators to shut down the process when an emergency situation occurs, preventing them from wasting too much time navigating through HMI screens.
    Stainless B Series with User-Defined Function Buttons

  • M12 Waterproof Connectors
  • Winmate utilizes M12 waterproof connectors as I/O ports to ensure that the devices can be installed in the harsh industrial environment and to make the Stainless product series impervious to dust and water with certain limits.

  • True Flat Design
  • No compromise between performance and aesthetics. The stainless product series boasts elegant, edge-to-edge design to give a sleek look while being easy to maintain and clean.

    For more details and questions about Winmate’s Stainless product series, please contact us at

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