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Success Stories
Success Stories - Vehicle’s remedy, Automotive Production-Checking every component

Vehicle’s remedy, Automotive
every component

Provides better presence right into item high quality motor vehicles.


In-car repair stations require mobile and yet powerful tools to speed up maintenance service and inspection quality: Winmate innovative and user-friendly ultra-rugged tablets for car repair workshops. One pair of carmakers setting up vegetations, an equipment sight unit, offers assessors more significant presence and speed using a purpose-built, light-weight, Winmate rugged mobile tablet computer to evaluate and photos of setting up electronic vehicle devices instantly. Along With the Operator Guided Inspection software program on a Winmate 13.3" tablet computer, drivers may more accurately validate that electric ports are ultimately settled on components like life-saving airbags, seat belts, and windscreen wipers.

Winmate offered rugged mobile devices for innovative manufacturing applications. They are starting with the in-house test equipment on the factory floor for car production. At specified locations in the assembly process, the operators place the tablet into the car to conduct tests. After successfully finishing all tests, operators remove the tablet and go to the next vehicle. The operator uses another rugged handheld to remote control the test software and goes through all test steps. Later on, the project expanded to the company's comprehensive after-sale services. In workshops and repair centers, car mechanics use a fully rugged tablet to perform car diagnostic, check operation instructions, and visualize ongoing test procedures.

Some of the new technology benefits in existing factory facilities include:

  • Use modern technology to complete complex tasks at a lower cost and better quality
  • Improved Quality Control (QC) at the early stages of the production
  • Higher productivity and cost reductions achieved by using real-time data

The technology solution has proven excellent results and quality records, and extraordinary service and support over the years.

Core Products

  • 13.3” Windows Rugged Tablet PC
  • M101B-BH with Built-in Barcode Reader

Main Challenges

  • Customization of all buttons to act as barcode scanner trigger
  • Extra ESD protection required
  • Barcode reliability for over 1000 scans a day

Why Winmate

  • Enhanced compatibility with vehicle system – Winmate is committed to research and development, implementing the latest technologies, and has a powerful ability to customize solutions and to individualize depending on customer requirements. Products dedicated to the automotive industry feature application-focused functionality and tailored accessories. We customized the device adding the OBD protocol to communicate with the vehicle, send commands, and receive feedback on the remote machine.
  • Products tailored for the automotive industry – For large enterprises, access to the latest technologies and having products designed specifically for the automotive industry is vital for their success. At Winmate, we have the engineering expertise and strategic partnerships with technology companies like Intel, Microsoft, and many more to provide customers the leading edge in industrial-grade communication tools that help maximize operational efficiency, safety, asset tracking, and data management. Winmate works closely with a vast vary of OEMs to collectively enhance devices that flawlessly meet the needs of modern-day automobile producers and vendors.
  • Ruggedness and durability – Winmate offers fully rugged mobile solutions, built to survive in challenging environments and withstand vibration, shock, and drops. Our devices comply with the theMIL-STD-810G and are rated to IP65 better and ready to face the challenges professionals meet. Longer lifecycles and less disruption to operations help you save money.

Application Diagram

Digitalization across full product lifecycle from assembly to after-sale repair and maintenance service.

Application Diagram