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Success Stories
Success Stories - Accelerating Digital Banking for Financial Inclusion

Accelerating Digital Banking
for Financial Inclusion

Work simpler, faster, and better with Winmate Rugged Tablet


For years, the banking industry has been in a digitalization race, especially online and mobile channels. Although investing in digital banking capabilities has helped improve customer acquisition and satisfaction, as the speed of changes in technology and demand accelerates, if banks want to capitalize on digital advantages in 2025 successfully, they will need to adopt new work practices and management structures.

One example is the Banque du Caire, an Egyptian bank providing a new digital platform with a simpler loan application workflow, the first digital micro-loan service in Egypt. Clients' loan applications can be submitted, activated, approved in less than an hour with the loan amount deposited right away into the customer's account without visiting the branch office.

Winmate Rugged Tablet has been deployed in the field to help small businesses fill the digital micro-loan applications. With Winmate's enterprise mobility solutions, companies can expand, accelerate their digitalization initiatives. Create truly connected and highly profitable enterprises.

Tarek Fayed, CEO and Chairman at Banque du Caire is using Winmate Rugged Tablet to demonstrate digital micro-loan service.
Tarek Fayed, CEO and Chairman at Banque du Caire is using Winmate Rugged Tablet to demonstrate digital micro-loan service.

Core Products

M101P - 10.1” Intel® Pentium® N4200 Rugged Tablet PC

Main Challenges

  • Various environment challenges: hot, dusty, bright, wet, and high possibility of drops.
  • The device must have data capture technologies like barcode reader, clear dual cameras, etc., and real-time data access to the correct information.

Why Winmate

  • Device durability to complete job tasks anytime, anywhere
    The devices used in fields are most likely to be easily damaged. But with the right equipment — such as rugged tablets — can allow these field workers to be more productive while maintaining the device's longevity. Winmate Rugged Tablets are entirely waterproof and dustproof featuring at least an IP65 protection rating. All the devices are compliant with the MIL-STD-810G for a drop, shock, and vibration resistance.

  • Support cloud-based workflow
    Cloud workflows convert manual, paper-based processes to faster, accurate, and remote digital workflows that allow data collection and analysis directly from the worksite. Our rugged tablets equipped with wireless connectivity options offer field workers an ultimate productivity tool, access to critical information, and real-time communications to execute work orders while in remote locations.

  • Embracing the scale of change needed
    Digital transformation unites all the business operations for a common purpose and brings positive outcomes. It streamlines processes, harnesses data, and shapes new business ways. The use of mobile devices with built-in data collection tools – barcode scanner, RFID/ NFC reader, fingerprint scanner, and intelligent card reader – brings transparency to operations from the onsite to branch offices and headquarters.

Application Diagram

Application Diagram