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Success Stories
Success Stories - Digital Operation Room

Digital Operation Room

Futureproof Your Healthcare IoT with Advanced Rugged Tablet
for Telehealth, Patient Care, and Emergency.


Medical care Rugged Tablet attaches your operating table to various other divisions in your entire medical center and also your clinical units in your operating table. Using this feature, the e-Healthcare option is more excellent than an operating table combination software program; it is an operations monitoring software program for the perioperative pattern as well as your entire healthcare facility.

The gamma probe Wprobe has a medical-grade tablet with a 10.1" screen to guarantee optimum visibility from any place in the operating room. The custom-designed software is easy to use and has new functionalities to make the most of the probe as multiple isotope detection, labeled nodes, maximum cps, full-range mode, among others: Wireless with BT connection and compact suitcase to facilitate its transport. The individual information very first gotten may be transferred straight right into the OR database, conserving the beneficial opportunity typically devoted to getting in the personal records once more in the operating table. The digital case histories developed in the course of the procedure may likewise be sent for recording and mentioned in the message OR segment or streamed online throughout the function for instructional reasons.

Core products

  • 10.1" Healthcare Tablet Computer M101P-ME
  • Main Challenges

  • Examination Camera HD
  • IP54 water/dust rating
  • Tough scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass touch-screen
  • Sunlight readable, high-contrast 10.1" LCD
  • Dual long-life hot-swappable rechargeable batteries
  • Why Winmate

  • Ruggedized, state-of-the-art tablet
  • Medically certified vehicle docking

  • Digital Operation Room - Diagnostics

    Application Diagram

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