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Success Stories
Rugged Tablet Success Stories

Grocery Store E-Trolley


With even standard brick and mortar retail stores moving towards providing online retail options, a grocery chain end customer was looking for a total solution for store employees to pick out grocery items with a specialized trolley. The solution integrator needed a rugged Tablet to be their point-of-sale machine for online grocery orders. Winmate was able to provide a 10.1-inch rugged full IP65 Windows Tablet that fulfilled the customer's needs. The Tablet with a vehicle dock, built-in barcode reader, and high capacity battery, along with various ports and wireless connectivity options to integrate information from a scale for fruits and vegetables, as well as a wireless receipt printer. With this "E-Trolley" total solution, store personnel could receive an online order, move around the physical grocery store to pick and scan items and send them for delivery with this single integrated cart with a Winmate Tablet as the central point-of-sale system.

Core Products

  • 10.1” Rugged Tablet PC + Vehicle Dock
  • M101P – 1D/2D Barcode Reader and High Capacity Battery

Main Challenges

  • Integrating the Tablet with E-trolley total solution with weighing machine and receipt printer
  • Situating the Tablet with Vehicle dock upside down to enable barcode reader usage while picking grocery store items.

Why Winmate

  • Wide accessory options with built-in data capture that fulfilled the end customer needs.
  • Rugged form factor to withstand daily usage in grocery store operations by store personnel including a sturdy vehicle dock along with a shock, vibration, and drop proof tablet design.
  • Wireless connectivity options including WiFi and BT to ensure in-store connection to fulfill online orders.
Grocery Store E-Trolley

Product Offering