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Success Stories
Factory Automation Success Stories

Factory Automation -
Production Line Controller


The customer in this application was looking for a new high-performance HMI as a production line controller for a bottling facility. The previous panel pc that was used had less than ideal uptime and needed constant repairs. The customer desired a high-performance multi-touch interface that could handle the everyday task of controlling a production line and could be easily maintained if need be. Winmate offered the M-Series HMI with Intel’s Core i5 CPU as the solution for this customer. The modular design of the M-Series allows for easy repairs to either the Display or the Box PC module, reducing the total cost of ownership. 

Core Products

  • 15" M-Series HMI with Intel Core i5 CPU and Front IP65 waterproof protection.

Main Challenges

  • Integrating the various components and sensors of the production line to the M-Series HMI

Why Winmate

  • Modular Design fit customer needs in wanting easy repairability and replaceability.
  • High performance processor
  • Digital Input / Output to allow industrial sensors to be integrated with the HMI.
  • P-Cap Multi-touch for a user-friendly interface.
Interactive Kiosk

Product Offering