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Urban Waste Collection

A smart in-vehicle computing solution for smart cities


Waste management services can be seen in nearly every residential and commercial area. However, the conventional operating processes often lead to inefficient management performance because of the outdated manual collection methods and logistics processes that lack efficient data-driven solutions. The rapid urbanization across regions and the Internet of Things (IoT) concept have contributed to intelligent waste collection. Such management solutions are made possible by applying IoT sensors, RFID, GPS, and cloud-based software for intelligent monitoring, route optimization, and data analytics.

An innovative waste management company in UAE catering to millions of residents through municipal services deploys the IoT as mentioned above. Yet, they were looking for a rugged Android-based vehicle-mounted computer to help integrate the data collected through the sensors and RFID readers and communicate with the command center to take their truck tracking system to the next level.

Main Challenges


10.4” FM10Q vehicle mounted computer
FM10Q Vehicle Mounted Computer

Winmate provided 10.4” FM10Q vehicle mounted computer with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 660 processor for high computing performance. The one-click top latch makes removing the device from the dock an easy task. A user-friendly touch experience is guaranteed thanks to the P-Cap multi-touch screen.

The FM10Q VMC boasts incredibly rich I/O ports for onboard peripherals application, including COM, CAN Bus, LAN. Speaking of wireless connectivity, the VMC supports BT, GPS and 4G. The enclosure is IP65 rated and MIL-STD-810G certified to survive the dusty waste collection environments. Last but not the least, we assisted the customer in developing a custom version of Android OS.

10.4” FM10Q vehicle mounted computer back
FM10Q’s Multiple I/O interface


The waste management company purchased 400 units to serve as the in-vehicle data collection and communication terminal. The FM10Q’s high performing wireless Internet connection capability improves productivity by leveraging the data collected from the vehicles and transmitting it back in real-time to the cloud-based Smart Tracking System and command center. The organization is now able to plan the fleet trucks based on the volume of the waste in bins, consequently reducing the unnecessary vehicle diesel consumption and eventually, contributing to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability. In addition, the company can come up with actionable strategies and make informed decision. Two years of deployment saw a 30% decrease in the waste collection cost.

10.4” FM10Q vehicle mounted computer Solution
FM10Q VMC installed firmly on the truck

Product Offering