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Success Stories
Heavy Duty Success Stories - Mining Equipment

Mining Equipment

Improve mining equipment productivity with rugged computing technology


Heavy-duty vehicles such as dump trucks, cranes, excavators and tractors in heavy industries or the agricultural sector require specialized computers or displays that must be tough and durable enough to withstand the harsh environments that their industries operate in. Winmate provides a full range of panel computers and displays built specifically for the heavy-duty industry.

Core products

  • 15” G-WIN Rugged Panel PC R15IK3S-VMC3(HB)
  • 19” G-WIN Rugged Panel PC R19IK3S-67FTP(HB)

Main Challenges

  • Operations in cold environments
  • Remote locations

Why Winmate

  • Intelligent heater design to withstand extreme cold weather
  • Built-in wireless connectivity
Heavy Duty Successful Story
Dragline operator touchscreen

Application Diagram

Heavy Duty Application Diagram

Product Offering