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Success Stories
Success Stories - Intelligent nurse station

Intelligent nurse station

Provide medical organizations with easier access to in-house
scheduling and planning.


Along with a competent registered nurse terminal, health professionals may react and also check to a variety of various information input aspects. When a client switches on decision feature, a nurse practitioner may straight utilize an assortment of smartphones to react to the individual's necessities, permitting the absolute most proper and also prompt like be offered while likewise conserving opportunity, boosting job performance, as well as increasing person total satisfaction. Health care Rugged Tablet computer also assists in selecting hookup techniques and functional capacities that permit the relationship to a hold of sensing units and health care resources that collaborate expert system estimate functionalities.

Core products

  • 10.1" Healthcare Tablet Computer M101P-ME
  • Main Challenges

  • Customize cover glass
  • Customize the metal rear cover
  • Customize aluminum plate
  • Why Winmate

  • IP-based digital nursing call system integration
  • Abnormal bed absence and door positioning system integration
  • Medically certified vehicle docking
  • Medically certified IEC/EN 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2

  • Intelligent nurse station - Diagnostics