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Success Stories
Success Stories - Tighter security checks begin at MRT stations

Tighter security checks begin at MRT stations

Enhanced screening goes smoothly during random checks at selected stations


Modern transportation hubs like Tokyo and Taipei Stations connect many public transportation services such as railways, high-speed trains, metro lines, bus terminals, and airport trains. These transportation hubs serve millions of people each day. To ensure public safety, communication and cooperation between all transportation companies involved are vital during service outages, medical emergencies, power outages, fires, dangerous threats, etc. Even the slightest disturbances can cause trouble to many people.

Different organizations operating in the Transport hub use various communication devices such as VHF/UHF radios, PoC radios, and mobile phones. It leads to a lack of interconnection between the teams. Even if some services use VHF/UHF radio, signal coverage is limited, given that some services are underground.

Winmate Radio gateway RG100 interconnects both narrowband and broadband communication devices. This solution improves passenger safety thanks to the efficient interconnection of all transportation services. When an emergency incident occurs, the right people can share the correct information with the right people, providing collective situational awareness.

Core Products

  • Winmate Radio Gateway - RG 100
  • Winmate Multi-mode PoC Radios-P400M9
  • Larzio Cloud Service solution (powered by Winmate)

Main Challenges

  • Diversified communication devices
  • Integration with legacy radio equipment
  • Radio communications are limited by coverage distance
  • No option to record radio conversations

Why Winmate

Customer-oriented services – besides product customization and professional consultation, Winmate also offers additional service with Larzio Radio Apps that supports automatic recording and log to prevent and reduce controversial situations.

Integrate legacy and modern devices – Lowering the investment by easy to integrate platform and making full use of the readily available radio device and the advanced development of the smartphone.

Closing the boundaries of the radio network – Winmate Radio Gateway connects the radio users from the outside of the radio coverage area. Increasing efficiency and coordination with real-time response.

Supports wide applications – Winmate radio solutions are applicable in various challenging scenarios, from public safety coordination, railways management, underground, offshore operations, etc.

Application Diagram

Through Larzio Group Chat, there’s no need to make multiple calls and transfers to the people in charge. Simply call in the group chat and these people can be well informed about the latest situation and make rescue plans.

Application Diagram

Product Offering