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Success Stories
Success Stories - Machine Vision Inspection System

Machine Vision Inspection System

Rugged Laptop for Automotive Technology


The auto market in EMEU is snowballing, and so various new technologies are being offered. Besides the manufacture of self-driving cars, the eco-friendly vehicle demand also increased significantly. The vehicle manufacturing plants that handle many parts and processes face various issues such as responding to mixed production of many different car models, improving production speed and quality, considering worker safety, and engaging in environmental regulations.

Italy's carmakers equipped its brand new and innovative equipment service center with Winmate rugged laptop, L140TG. To provide technicians with clearer machine insight and a faster, lightweight, and sturdy mobile device to examine, also put together directory photos of vehicle parts. With vehicle driver-assisted software installed on Winmate rugged laptops, users may personalize and easily add command functions to improve cars' safety and performance.


Winmate rugged laptop L140TG fits for high-quality cars manufacturing and maintenance industry. The L140TG-3 is built to withstand harsh duty conditions with high performance. A 13" FHD outdoor-readable display supports glove touch, Intel 11th Generation Core Processors, and up to 2 TB of M.2 (PCIe NVMe) SSD.

Core Products

  • 13.3" Vehicle Rugged Laptop Computer, L140TG-3

Main Challenges

  • Fast performance

  • Easy to carry

Onsite engineer is using Winmate’s rugged laptop

Onsite engineer is using Winmate’s rugged laptop

Why Winmate

  • Local supports in Italy

  • Competitive price

  • Lithium-ion batteries for around 8hrs of work

  • Outstanding global service and distributors to assist you in choosing the best device to suit your needs.

Application Diagram

Application Diagram

Product Offering