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Success Stories - Military Control Room System

Military Control Room System

Portable Display Drawer for Effective Communication


With technological advances, control room systems are becoming increasingly vital for tactical and covert military operations. A portable military control room can be the decisive factor on the battlefield, meaning the display must be comprehensive and transparent enough for combatants to make critical decisions without fail. Plus, all military equipment must undergo rigorous testing to comply with stringent military standards.

Core Products

Main Challenges

  • A bright and clear display panel used in military control rooms makes a huge difference in combat situations, where adequate brightness levels and correct display colors are vital for mission planning and accurate representations.
  • Portable display drawers often accompany servicemen onto the battleground and will be exposed to varying temperatures and sunlight – depending on where the mission is held.
  • A touchscreen display is necessary for military personnel to quickly zoom in on maps for precise locations, or rotate aerial footage to make quick decisions without any delay.

Why Winmate

Winmate’s industrial-grade display panels have all undergone rigorous testing to ensure safety and performance – going beyond standard military compliance.

Wide Sunlight Readable Display

Observe important military data on a bright, wide-screen display for accurate display colors using optical bonding technology, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Operable Under Harsh Environments

Winmate’s state-of-the-art display panels can be operated from 0oC to 50oC, making it suitable for missions in extremely warm locations, such as the desert, or in near-freezing environments.

Fully Customizable

Winmate offers fully customizable options to make selected display panels suitable for any military application. Whether it’s a fan-less design, rugged build, or different touchscreen option – Winmate has you covered.

Compliant with Military Standards

The comprehensive panel display is highly durable and complies with MIL-STD-810G, meaning it is built for rough terrains and harsh weather conditions with its anti-shock and anti-vibration design.

Application Diagram

Military Control Room System

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