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Success Stories
Public Safety Success Stories - Crafted to enhance your public navigation ecosystem

Public Navigation System

Crafted to enhance your public navigation ecosystem


Public navigation system is a solution providing easy-to-understand, directional signs that helps people in ascertaining the locations of amenities on different premises. The system has become an integral part of our daily life, including in healthcare, retail and transportation industries, recreation venues like concert halls and stadiums, and multi-purpose buildings on one site like on a school campus.To deliver the correct wayfinding information with maximized efficiency, the navigation displays need to automatically adapt their presentation in accordance with the new location and orientation, for example, at anytime when the displays detect that they are relocated or when a certain path is blocked. Such wayfinding ecosystem has to be dynamic and adaptive, making autonomous displays interconnect with sensors and central servers.

Core products

  • 19”, 27.6”, 28.6” and 38” Bar-Type Panel PC and Display Series
  • 10.1", 10.4", 12.1”, 15”, 15.6”PoE Touch Monitor Series
  • IoT Gateway EAC Mini Series
  • EAC PRO-IK90 Embedded Computer

Main Challenges

  • Harsh operating environment

Device is exposed to constant vibration, shock and rain and variable temperature when the navigation system is installed outdoor. Oftentimes the units have to be continually on 24/7, that is, the durability and reliable performance in harsh operating environments is crucial.

  • Excellent Computing performance

A dynamic navigation system is not only triggering the wayfinding computation and then passing the interface description to the displays. The system will need tohandle multimedia, since it can be a great branding opportunity for organizations by providing additional information about the company, products, services and more on the display.

  • Suits various installation scenarios

The device should come in various sizes, configurations and brightness options to make the it a perfect, versatile solution for different applications, especially in the areas with high traffic and restricted, atypical shape space.

Why Winmate

  • Rich experience in LCD and touch screen integration
  • Customization services
  • Multiple sizes and configurations
  • Easy deployment and maintenance
  • Ruggedness
Squad leader gives instructions using the M101P Tablet Computer to plan the deployment
Airport navigation systems require dynamic adaptation for the constantly changing flight info and durability for 24/7 operation

Application Diagram

Public Safety Application Diagram

Product Offering