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Success Stories
Railway Success Stories - Railway Station Self-Service Kiosk

Railway Station Self-Service Kiosk

Speed up passenger traffic and ease ticketing process


Railway station is a significant part of smart city, it is a passenger terminal where thousands of rail passengers transfer, arrive and depart each day. Increasing transport demand requires advanced railway station infrastructure to lower down the possibility of downtime to the minimum level. Railway stations in smart cities are also aimed to be more attractive, pleasant and efficient for passengers and consumers.

Popularity of self-service kiosks such as ticketing kiosks, ATM machines, snacks kiosks and others is leading to the growing demand of kiosk terminals. Winmate provides an LCD touch screen and HMI solutions tailored for kiosk applications.

Core products

  • 7~23.8” Open Frame P-Cap HMI

Main Challenges

  • Need a responsive and yet scratch resistant touch screen
  • Customized software features compatible with touch

Why Winmate

  • Vast knowledge of touch technologies
  • Durable industrial-grade LCD
Ticketing kiosk
Ticketing kiosk

Application Diagram

Railway Application Diagram

Product Offering