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COVID-19 Health Monitoring Solution for Businesses and Public Places

Personal hygiene, safe and sanitary interactions with smart access control kiosks
4 June, 2020
COVID-19 Health Monitoring Solution for Businesses and Public Places

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It has been almost six months since the first COVID-19 patient was identified. Govenments all around the world took epidemic prevention measures varying from self-quarantine to suspended business operations. Now cities and countries around the world will eventually need to re-open safely. Winmate together with its partner in North America offer an innovative and timely health monitoring solution for businesses and public places to get ready for a massive returning to work.

The health monitoring solution is an interactive kiosk that combines body temperature control, access control and personal hygiene tools together in one device to safeguard physical and digital environments from the COVID-19 or possibly another virus or bacterial disease such as influenza.

"As businesses prepare to get back to normal operations, the combination of access control with real-time body temperature measurement and personal hygeine is the ultimate key for ensuring safe public access," said Allan Lin, CEO at Winmate USA. "Our new health monitoring solution – interactive access control kiosk intented to be at the front-end batteling against the virus spread by offering more protection to visitors, employees, suppliers and the general public." Self-service access control kiosks also reduce the risk of the counter staff to be exposed to germs from sick individuals.

Winmate is moving forward and provides timely, innovative and reliable solutions for industrial automation that can be easily customized for accommodating customer-specific requirements.

Health Monitoring for a Post COVID-19 World

Solution Diagram

Interactive smart all-in-one health monitoring solution combines contactless temperature monitoring, personal hygeine and access control kiosk in one device for increased safety and convinience. Solution Diagram

Health Monitoring Access Control Kiosk

The access control kiosk features face mask detection sensor, body temperature sensor, and internal auto-dispenser that dispense gel, foam, or liquid sanitizer. It is rugged enough to withstand public settings.


  • Use it for internal employee access and management with the facial recognition feature.

  • Use the temperature control feature, in public spaces, to control admittance.

  • Use for personal hygiene with hand sanitizer and tissue dispenser.
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Winmate offers interactive HMI Panel PC and Display with all-around LED indicator for various access control applications.


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