Winmate Computex 2019 Recap

winmate Computex 2019
Computex 2019 Recap
omputex 2019 Recap

Thank you for visiting us at Computex 2019. It was our pleasure to meet you.

This year, Winmate displayed IIoT solutions ranging from rugged mobile IoT device, vehicle mounted computers, smart access control applications to IoT gateways that aim at developing more efficient operations and fulfilling your IIoT needs in various automation applications. We had also joined an interview with Embedded Computing Design to talk about how Industrial IoT and digital transformation are impacting the automation industry.

We hope you enjoyed the time you spent with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon again. Feel free to contact us today or anytime in the future. Winmate team is always ready to assist you.

Winmate talking about Industrial IoT at Computex 2019

Winmate talking about Industrial IoT at Computex 2019
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