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Winmate’s Products for New Era of Industry

Explore Winmate’s New Product Portfolio, Transforming Industries Worldwide
11 April 2024
Explore Winmate’s new product portfolio, featuring solutions for defense, oil and gas, marine industries, and IP67 products
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Taipei, 11 April 2024 – Winmate, a global leader in rugged computing solutions, extends its expertise to various industries and applications such as Industrial Automation, Oil and Gas, Defense, and Marine. We are proud to announce our latest product portfolio, which includes G-WIN IP67 Series, Ground Control Stations, Rugged Laptops, Panel PCs, and Industrial Displays.

Winmate’s Latest Product Portfolio

Introducing Winmate’s newest G-WIN IP67 Series Panel PC and Display, enhancing efficiency and reliability.
Winmate offers the newest line-up for the G-WIN IP67 Series Panel PC and Display, featuring sizes ranging from 7” to 21.5”.
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Winmate’s defense product line, featuring Ground Control Station, Rugged Laptops, Rugged Tablets and more.
Recent defense tech advances transformed the global military. Ground Control Stations and Vehicle-Mount Tablets offer tailored solutions for modern warfare.
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Winmate offers Rugged Laptop Series, with optional GPU from NVIDIA and Intel for Edge AI Solutions.
Winmate Rugged Laptop Series offer sizes ranging from 14” to 15.6”, with optional GPU from NVIDIA and Intel for AI Solutions.
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Discover Winmate’s marine product line, featuring ECDIS Panel PCs, Marine Displays, Embedded Box PCs, and more.
Marine industry transformed by advanced tech, and ECDIS Panel PCs redefine sea navigation and safety.
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Explore Winmate’s product line for the oil and gas industry, featuring rugged tablets, industrial panel PCs, and displays.
For oil & gas, safety and efficiency are vital. Rugged tablets, Panel PCs, and Displays with ATEX & Zone 2 certifications are crucial.
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Explore Winmate's latest product portfolio, revolutionizing industries globally. From defense tech to marine navigation and oil and gas safety solutions, Winmate leads innovation. Discover each industry applications for enhanced efficiency and reliability.

For more information about Winmate’s product, please visit our website or contact our team.

Winmate showcasing new lineup for defense, oil and gas, marine, and IP67-rated, certified to address new challenges.
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