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Smart Meeting Room Terminal

Panel PC for meeting room application, access control and user authentication.


In an age where everything is being tracked and monitored, meeting room availability and privacy remain an important factor in areas where important meetings take place, i.e. office, educational institution, or technology research facility. As a result, having the right device to grant access control, and also indicate room availability can save time for employees while maintaining strict meeting confidentiality at all times.

Xinc Technologies and Winmate Inc. have developed a comprehensive, multi-touch screen panel PC that can be used to book meeting rooms, grant access control, and display vital meeting room information. With a touchscreen panel outside each meeting room, attendees can view room availability upon entry, view information on a pending booking, or making bookings for a later time on the touchscreen device itself. Plus, these panel PCs help to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the room during the period booked with its RFID access control. Not to mention the RGB LED lightbar indicators to provide clear information on the availability of the meeting rooms. Currently, the panel PCs are serving companies, universities, and colleges across Australia.

With a versatile 10.1-inch touchscreen panel PC, meeting room info is displayed to save precious company time for employees.

About Xinc Technologies

Based in Australia, Xinc Technologies supplies a comprehensive product range that includes industrial displays, touch displays, panel PCs, box PCs, rugged tablets and speakers. With a strong focus on Transportation, Manufacturing and Education sectors, Xinc also specializes in creating customized solutions tailored to specific industrial needs.

About Winmate Inc

Winmate Inc. is a pioneer in rugged computing technology with more than 20 years of experience providing businesses worldwide with rugged solutions made for extreme industrial conditions. From rugged tablet PCs to industrial panel PCs to vehicle-mounted computers, Winmate also provides dedicated after-sales support with its service centers around the world.

Main Challenges

  • Check Meeting Room Availability – having a clear panel PC display with an RGB lightbar indicator in front of meeting rooms can greatly reduce the time checking whether the room is free or not, e.g. a red indicator shows an occupied room, whereas a green indicator means the room is free. These panel PCs help corporations and institutions maximize their meeting room occupancy and increase overall workplace efficiency.
  • Personnel Access Control – confidentiality is a must in buildings where important meetings take place since trade secrets may not be revealed under any circumstances whatsoever. Adding RFID readers onto the panel PCs means that only authorized personnel (e.g. senior executives, product development team, board members) may be allowed into the specific meeting room.

Core Product

10.1" Panel PC, S-Series HMI

An Windows-based HMI Panel PC for User
Authentication and Meeting Room Applications.

Winmate's S-Series HMI is an industrial panel PC made for Smart Meeting applications, corporate access control, and employee authentication at the workplace. The brilliant PCAP multi-touch, the high-resolution display features RGB lightbars on either side of the monitor to indicate room availability and access permission for optimized room allocation.

The S-Series also features an optional HF RFID reader for access control. With a fan-less cooling system for ultra-low power consumption, the 10.1” panel PC also supports power over ethernet function for greater usability.

S-Series HMI

Why Winmate: HMI Panel PC

Meeting Room Essential

  • PCAP Multi-Touchscreen: inspect data on a clear display with multi-touch support to easily key in data, rotate images, or zoom in on important info.
  • Real-Time Alerts: with everything from panel mounting to VESA mounting to glass wall mounting, these devices can be mounted on nearly every surface.

Rugged and Fanless

  • Rugged Build: with a front IP65 proofing for dust and water resistance – good for dusty office environments or wet fingers.
  • Fanless Design: to minimize dust circulation and power consumption.
  • Built-to-Survive: can operate under extreme temperatures 0oC to 50oC and humidity levels 30%-90% RH.

Stylish Design

  • RGB Lightbar: room availability and access control are indicated through a customizable red, green, or blue lightbar to suit your corporate needs.
  • RFID Reader: access control grants employees the right to join specific meetings, which can be used with the RGB lightbar for user authentication.

Application Diagram

The S-Series HMI Panel PC is the essential meeting room terminal that helps to synchronize meetings and optimize room occupancy throughout the office building. Checking room availability or changing meeting room bookings can be as easy as tapping the touchscreen display.

S-Series HMI Panel PC Application Diagram
*Application diagram for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.