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GPS Systems for the Earthmoving Contractor in Sydney, Australia

Maximize equipment productivity and easily adjust field operations as needed.


The leap in technological advancements of GPS technology is transforming the earthmoving sites. GPS, when applied in the earthmoving sector, can be a viable asset to increase the overall efficiency of the job. Braemac Pty Ltd, in cooperation with Winmate Inc., developed a 13.3-inch ultra-rugged tablet computer with GPS systems for the earthmoving contractor in Sydney, Australia.

The 13.3-inch ultra-rugged tablet M133 series, with GPS systems allow the machine operator to use accurate real-time position information to make decisions based on actual grade and design features. Some heavy equipment guidance systems can even operate the machine's implements automatically from a set design created for the particular job site. GPS guidance systems have very low tolerances up to two centimeters, making them extremely accurate compared to relying on the operator's skill level. Since the machine's GPS can know when it's off the design grade, this can reduce surveying and material costs required for a specific task.

Combining earthmoving contractors with a 13.3-inch ultra-rugged tablet M133 series equipped with GPS systems has a variety of industry benefits. These include:

  • Maximizes equipment productivity
  • Makes earthmoving jobs easier to plan
  • Easily adjust filed operations as needed
  • Minimizes delays
  • Revised surface files of excavated areas help keep plans up-to-date
  • Out-compete other bids by lowering costs
  • Reduces safety risks

Modern systems with GPS positioning have revolutionized the earthmoving industry and the different types used on job sites. The possibilities are endless, and maybe in the future, contractors in the earthmoving industries will discover other practical uses for GPS technology.

About Braemac Pty Ltd

Braemac is a leading provider in electronic component distribution, with global reach and extensive supply chain management expertise. Braemac focus is to deliver system solutions to meet our customer’s needs in this ever-evolving market. And offers support from concept through to product realization; utilizing our market-leading product portfolio to offer clients access to emerging technologies and drive innovation.

About Winmate Inc

Winmate Inc. is a pioneer in rugged computing technology with more than 20 years of experience providing businesses worldwide with rugged solutions made for extreme industrial conditions. From rugged tablet PCs to industrial panel PCs to vehicle-mounted computers, Winmate also provides dedicated after-sales support with its service centers around the world.

Main Challenges

  • Precise GPS positioning – For earthmoving contractors, accurate real-time mapping and positioning is the key to efficient site operations. The GPS/GNSS systems get their corrected RTK (real-time kinetic) positioning data from a base station set up at the job site. With the GPS/GNSS system running dozers or excavators, the operator can use the same base station and radio transmitter to guide multiple machines at the same time. The real-time kinetic signal is broadcast over a wide area and can be used simultaneously by any number of devices on a job site.
  • The rigor environment and strong vibration from the machine – Strong vibration and partially outdoor environment can bring challenges to conventional devices – often drops, temperature changes; sometimes even dust and water splashes may damage the device. The rugged tablet for earthmoving contractor automation must be that kind you trust regardless of the condition or situation.
  • After-sale service – When purchasing products enterprises do not want to worry about the service. They are looking for budgetary ease and convenience plus the peace of mind that any problem will be solved quickly and effectively.
As the operator starts moving material you will see great value in being able to move the correct amount of material, to the correct location the first time.

Core Product

13.3" Ultra-Rugged Tablet

M133 Series

An Ultra Rugged Tablet that Can Survive Any Environment and Get Real Work Done.

The M133 Series is a 13.3-inch rugged tablet with a robust set of features designed to withstand industrial use while providing high tech solutions that increase productivity, improve safety, and reduce operational costs.

M133 series

Why Winmate: Ultra-Rugged Tablets

High-performance computing – Winmate ultra-rugged tablet M133 series powered by an Intel's processor with fanless thermal design boasting up to 1 TB to deliver an extraordinary level of CPU performance that allows you to run all your high-performance applications with a support of Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system. The truly rugged and mobile design for business professionals that demand the highest performance always ready for complex tasks.

Brilliant sunlight-readable screen – The M133 series features a large 13.3" 1920 x 1080 IPS widescreen LED panel with user-friendly touch experience enhanced by projected capacitive PCAP multi-touch solution and the excellent readability in bright outdoor environments delivered by optical bonding and anti-glare technology. Use the portable computer no matter where a job takes you and read all the diagrams, spreadsheets, and reports on a fairly big high-resolution screen.

Ruggedness and durability – Being an industrial-grade solution for the harshest work environments, the M133 series ultra-rugged tablet is fully IP65 rated for protection against dust, dirt, and water ingress. Our devices comply with the MIL-STD-810G and are rated to IP65 for better and ready to face the challenges professionals meet. Longer lifecycles and less disruption to operations help you save money. Winmate offers a truly rugged solution prepared for work environments beyond the office walls — from plants and mills to utilities and logistics warehouses.

Enhanced compatibility with vehicle system – Winmate is committed to research and development, implementing the latest technologies, and has a powerful ability to customize solutions and to individualize depending on customer requirements. Products dedicated to the industrial environments feature application-focused functionality and accessories tailored for M133 series, including vehicle docking, desk docking, VESA mounting kits, and vehicle charger. Expand the possible applications of your rugged tablet from vehicle to the field with custom accessories tailored for your industrial needs.

To guarantee timely repair and maintenance, Winmate offers dedicated customer support and provides immediate after-sale service for all the rugged tablets. We take control of the repair process to give customers a hassle-free service plan.

Application Diagram

The13.3-inch Ultra Rugged Tablet M133 series with built-in GPS receiver and WLAN is installed in the cabin of earthmoving contractors to display accurate real-time location data. At the same time, the contractor manager in the office site receives a precise actual grade and design features information and make decisions based on the real-site data. The solution allows for real-time updates and just-in-time management decisions for better contractor productivity.

Application Diagram
*Application diagram for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement.