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Driving Process Improvement in Automotive Industry

Mobile devices bring a new level of convenience, productivity, and operational efficiency to the production floor.


The car mechanic using the tablet computer for inspection in the after-sale service center
The car mechanic using the tablet computer for inspection in the after-sale service center.

For over a decade, Winmate has been developing rugged mobile solutions for a famous European automotive manufacturer. Digitalization brings a new level of convenience, productivity, and operational efficiency to the production floor, creating competitive advantages for one of the industry-leading automotive manufacturing giants.

Winmate offered rugged mobile devices for smart manufacturing applications. They are starting with the in-house test equipment on the factory floor for car production. On specified locations in the assembly process, the operators place the tablet into the car to conduct tests. After successfully finishing all tests, operators remove the tablet and go to the next vehicle. The operator is using another rugged handheld to remote control the test software and go through all test steps. Later on, the project expanded to the company's worldwide after-sale services. In workshops and repair centers, car mechanics use a fully rugged tablet to perform car diagnostic, check operation instructions, and visualize ongoing test procedures.

Some of the new technology benefits in existing factory facilities include:

  • Use modern technology to complete complex tasks at a lower cost and better quality
  • Improved Quality Control (QC) at the early stages of the production
  • Higher productivity and cost reductions achieved by using real-time data

The technology solution has proven excellent results and quality records as well as extraordinary service and support over the years.

Core products

Main Challenges

  • Vehicle-to-device data communication
    The tablet computer must have a wireless communication interface to exchange between a vehicle ECU and the tablet computer connected to the vehicle itself to read the data directly from the car.
  • The rigor environment of the factory floor
    Production floor environment can bring challenges to conventional devices – often drops, temperature changes, sometimes even dust and water splashes may damage the device. The rugged tablet for factory automation must be that kind you trust regardless of the condition or situation.
  • After-sale service
    Big enterprises, when purchasing products, do not want to worry about the service. They are looking for budgetary ease and convenience plus the peace of mind that any problem will be solved quickly and effectively.

Why Winmate

  • Enhanced compatibility with vehicle system
    Winmate is committed to research and development, implementing the latest technologies, and has a powerful ability to customize solutions and to individualize depending on customer requirements. Products dedicated to the automotive industry feature application-focused functionality and tailored accessories. We customized the device adding the OBD protocol to communicate with the vehicle, send commands, and receive feedback on the remote device.
  • Products tailored for the automotive industry
    For large enterprises, access to the latest technologies and to have products designed specifically for the automotive industry is vital for their success. At Winmate, we have the engineering expertise and strategic partnerships with technology companies like Intel, Microsoft, and many more to provide customers the leading edge in industrial-grade communication tools that help maximize operational efficiency, safety, asset tracking, and data management. Winmate works closely with a vast vary of OEMs to collectively enhance devices that flawlessly meet the needs of modern-day automobile producers and vendors.
  • Ruggedness and durability
    Winmate offers fully-rugged mobile solutions, built to survive in challenging environments and withstand vibration, shock, and drops. Our devices comply with the MIL-STD-810G and rated to IP65 for better and ready to face the challenges professionals meet. Longer lifecycles and less disruption to operations help you save money.
  • Extended warranty and dedicated customer support
    To guarantee timely repair and maintenance, for all the rugged tablets for this project, Winmate offered an extended warranty and "Product Longevity Program (PLP)" that maintains the stable supply of critical spare parts for up to ten years and supports customers' long term production plan. All repairs are performed in Winmate Authorized Service Centers using Winmate-approved parts. Our service centers located worldwide – China, Germany, United States, Canada – provide immediate after-sale support. We take control of the repair process to give customers a hassle-free service plan.

Application Diagram

Digitalization across full product lifecycle from assembly to after-sale repair and maintenance service.

Driving Process Improvement in Automotive Industry Application

Automotive Industry Application