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A Virtual tour guide, for helping and supporting the Tourist Guide in the bus, while driving thru the City and to entertain, inform and advertize the local specialities. The advantages are obvious, Tourists get more information, better feelings and are more close to the attractions then ever before. With Virtual tour guide, the Tourist office can offer updated information about local events, Shows, Weather, aso and the local business owners can buy the advertising time to promote their local specialities, to the very dedicated audience. A win-win scenario, as the tourist want to know:

  • What can I buy.
  • Where can I buy it.
  • Where are special shows.
  • What attraction I want to see next.

All are happy and enjoying the time staying in your wonderful city!

Winmate provides you a full working platform with the Bus Bundle, to reach above goals. See the introduction video and imagine the possibilities in your city!

Location based advertising or information with latest GPS technology
Online news and updates for shows, weather, aso with latest 3G mobile communication
Highest HD ready quality

Panel sizes: 17", 19" (4x3), and 20.1" (16x9)(20.1" now available)
Outside Housing :Reinforced Plastic
Mounting method: Pole mounting or Vesa 75/100
For others sizes please contact our sales.
Integrated MSS350 Network Player
Protection Glass
Wide Voltage Input
ERP Chassis
WiFi Wireless module
Pole Mounting
GPS Receiver
3G Router
Sunlight Readable
VGA / Audio Extender
  Software Bundle
MSO Gold is the digital signage management software bundled with bus digital signage package. MSO Gold allows you to:
  1. view player status
  2. do group management
  3. setup a picture as background
  4. define your own layout
  5. define GPS trigger event(optional)
    Normally there are 2 monitors to show the synchronized contents in a bus.  One is in the front, another one located around the middle.  DVI extender and CAT-5 cable will be needed to connect these 2 monitors.  We have proved that this is the most reliable transmission way.  See below the diagram:
  Accessories for Extra Features
    Normally the route of the bus is fixed. Stops are fixed too. Some shops around a certain stop might need a high exposure to these passengers. They will be willing to buy advertisements to introduce their products/service when the bus is coming nearby their location. Just input the coordinates of this stop in the management software and a predefined video or pictures will come up when the bus enters the zone.
3G/3.5G Router
    It's the best occasion to update the contents via wireless lan when buses come back to the depot in the evening. However, in addition to WLAN, Real time update is sometimes a must to deliver some useful news. In this situation, 3G/3.5G integration will be just the right extra feature to meet this demand.
Order Information

If you have any technical questions, sample request, or require more product details, please contact your current Winmate Distributor or local Winmate vendor.If you can not reach them, welcome to send enquiry to and we will help you to find immediate support in short time.

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