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20.1" Bus Bundle

Winmate has developed 2 additional features with high pressure, as the very huge market demand pushes orders world wide.Both Accessories are helping in the installation and safety of the equipment. They are optimized for the Bus Bundle usage due to the ruggedness and harsh environments in the Bus:


This tiny little box called CPM has a lot of smart tricks available to make the Bus Digital Signage application more attractive:
1.Protection : Battery, LCD’s, Player
2.Controlling: Power, Temperature, Time
3.Reporting: Logging all above in the Bus for further analyzing
4.Communication: remote controllable thru the Network Player by RS232

CPM has a build in Microcontroller, power Electronics, timer and Status LED’s, but the heart is the Software inside, that allow flexible, remote controllable actions for protecting your Equipment.

      What CPM can do:

1. CPM is watching the temperature with the thermal sensor, if the Temperature is too hot or too cold, the LCD’s will be powered off, while the Player is still working. This is typically in a temperature range of 0 to 40 degree Celsius. So CPM will protect the lifetime and stable operation of the LCD’s within the allowed temperature.

2. CPM is watching the Battery voltage level, and can make sure, the Battery will not be deep discharged. So in case the Engine is off, you maybe still want to play for 10 min,.. As its just a bus stop,… so your guests will keep watching your program,… but if its longer then 10 min,.. The LCD’s will be powered off,… to save power,.. And make sure the battery is not discharged too much

3. CPM allow the Driver to control the Digital Signage System with a Master-switch, he can at any time power on or off the system.

4. CPM can be controlled with the Ignition of the Engine,.. To delay power on,… delay power off,… delay LCD’s aso. Its all up to you how to use it.

5. CPM also can wake-up your system for over night updates, and so save power and is not interfering with any existing installations.

CPM is easy to wire,… just put it in between the 12 or 24V Battery power cables and the Bus Bundle Player & Bus Bundle LCD’s and Connect the RS232 cable to the Player,.. If you wish to use the Ignition and Master switch, just connect it . That’s all.

The CPM is very rugged and can operate from -40 up to +80 degree, and ensure the safety of the Bus Digital Signage Equipment. Also the small dimensions makes it easy to install anywhere in the bus. The status LED’s in the top are easy to see and indicate the status in different colors for example: green is ok and red is problem, please check.

On the CPM are no Jumpers or other settings to make, all the settings are done by the Management Software:


CPM Setup in MSO Gold

With the Cat5 Extender you will shorten your installation time in the Bus dramatically!

1. Easy Crimping of the CAT5 cable, done in 1 Minute
2. Easy to learn
3. Very cheap but high quality cables, used in the Network Business
4. Easy to adjust with Gain and Equalizer, immediate response in the picture

The Cat5 Extender uses standard VGA and Audio connectors to connect to the Player or the LCD, and can be used in a wide range of other applications as well. To distribute the Signal it uses the Differential Signal Method, to make it immune for distortions, compensate noise and allow the user to adjust the picture quality.

The very small form factor allows to integrate the CAT5 Extender into the Bus Bundle, so the wiring is even more easy, just connect one CAT 5 cable between Master Player and Second LCD,.. And its done!

The amazing quality of HD Ready (1360x768) resolution can be transmitted up to 50 meters with the right cable quality.

Do you know this problem? Thick and expensive VGA cables, poor quality VGA Splitters, problems with the Power source…?

Not with Winmate’s total solution platform for Bus Bundle – we took care all of this and made a smart CAT5 extender option for you!

If you have any technical questions, sample request, or require more product details, please contact your current Winmate Distributor or local Winmate vendor.If you can not reach them, welcome to send enquiry to and we will help you to find immediate support in short time.

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