Published on Feb 27,2008

Driving Display & Embedded demand through Innovation

Winmate is a leading company for embedded & visibility solutions and can offer you an extensive portfolio of display and embedded products. We provide a unique customizing service to fit your own application. Winmate would like to share who we are now and where we are going within this year and we want to let you know how many new opportunities you can find inside our latest catalog.
The clear structured overview can give you a first Idea:
  • Feature new Products
  • Marine Product line with LCD's, PPC's & Box PC's
  • PPC / Embedded systems: Fan and Fanless
  • Digital Signage Solution's & Successful stories worldwide
  • 56" High Resolution / SDI-Product Line
  • Industrial Display: full range product line specs
Resulting in these main product lines:

Our focus in this year is to explore and develop more products and come out with new technologies for the following key applications or markets:

1.Optical Bonding

  to further enhance the best visibility of our products, Winmate will have In-house capability to make optical bonding from 3.5"to 15" with AR Glass, Touchscreens
  2.Rugged Design
  to improve the lifetime in harsh environments and provide most stable products for dedicated applications and markets, Winmate came out with the G-Win Rugged series as well as our Marine Grade product line
  3.Fully Fanless Design
  to increase the lifetime and reduce service cost and maintaining. The power saving chipsets, most efficient thermal design of the housing and heat-pipes and the very high computing power enable these products to match nearly every market with high reliability and long lifetime.
  4.Digital Signage System
  has proven his reliability in countless applications from all over the world. The strong cooperation with our partners world wide gave us a lot of successful stories, which some of them we share with you in the catalog. The Applications are in Trains or Busses, Shopping Windows, In-store or Guidance systems in Hotels.
  5.56” Ultra-High Resolution with Embedded system
can be used in applications as GIS (Geographical Information Systems), Satellite imaging, CAD Drawing, Aviation, Weather forecasts, aso. Due to his very high resolutions, it can show the very details of the graphical data in exceptional quality. Winmate provide a special High performance Embedded PC to drive this high resolution combined with the LCD Monitor.
More Information:
If you have any technical questions, sample request, or require more product details, please contact your current Winmate Distributor or local Winmate vendor.If you can not reach them, welcome to send enquiry to and we will help you to find immediate support in short time.

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