Published on Mar 07,2008

Optical Bonding Reduces the reflection, improves the contrast and ruggedness

With Winmate's latest visibility technology, optical bonding, we can provide a better display solution with reflection reducing and ruggedness improvement. Using industry-leading adhesive technology, Winmate's bonding consists of bonding an anti-reflective glass or filter element directly onto the front of the LCD.
  • Less reflection effect( < 0.2% reflection rate)
  • Ruggedness improvement for outside environment
  • Better Contrast Ratio in the sunlight
  • thin and compact design

We know many Applications where Displays are used in challenging environments and need to withstand impact, vibration and extreme temperatures and humidity. With Winmate's optical bonding technology we increase the ruggedness and durability of LCD display to fit harsh environment application. It prevents condensation and fogging in high humidity, salt water and increases durability to withstand wide temperature, shock and vibration. The improved contrast and reduced reflections help to better readability in most light conditions.


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  Target Application Markets  
  • Transportation
  • Navigation
  • Outdoor kiosk
  • Gas pump
  • Maritime application
  • Avionics application
  • Rugged Tablet PC
  • Prevents condensation and fogging in high humidity, salt water
  • Improves outdoor readability
  • Increases durability to withstand wide temperature, shock and vibration
  • Increases impact and resistance

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More Information:
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