Published on Apr 02, 2008

VIDEOS ¡V for a better DEMO and faster understanding
Digital Signage Video Introduction



Winmate continuously produces powerful marketing material and tutorial documents to help our customers reaching the core spirit of Digital Signage product design, as well as winning important projects. From user manual to product DM, from video manual to special feature video, Winmate gives you the best way to understand our products. Based on the feedback from our customers worldwide, we know that we are in the right direction with our marketing strategy. Winmate is always the most reliable and trustworthy partner you can count on.

  Video Manual

The Video Manual is a great help for the user to become familiar with our software. Users just need to follow the step-by-step process from the video without reading the manual paper. It¡¦s also a help for the manager to decrease the training time and cost, we hope this new tool can bring you better product experience.

Video Manual Main Menu

Video Live Demo


Since February 2008, all Network Player series come with a Video Manual CD. Please contact our sales representative if you need more copies.


Motion Detect

When a moving object is detected by the Motion Detect Sensor (PIR Passive Infra Red sensor), the Digital Signage System will either turn on the LCD backlight or start to play. At this moment, a clock starts to count down. If no moving object is detected in a pre-defined period of time, the Digital Signage System will either turn off the LCD backlight or stop playing until a moving object is detected again.

Motion Detect Video
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Media Player Hot Key Solution

We provide a ¡§7 buttons¡¨ option for all integrated Media Players, you can set up 7 different videos and pictures, and change them by pushing the buttons.

Media Player Hot Key Solution

Click here to watch the Hot Key Solution video: special function.htm

Multiple Zone Layout

Our Network Player features multiple zone layouts to allow mixed content display. You can have video, picture, and message all in one screen to attract more attention of your signage network.

Single Zone Layout

3 Zone Layout


Click here to watch the multiple zone layout video:

Portrait Mode Layout

Winmate is a worldwide leading Industry Display solution provider with an excellence in display technology. Winmate offers a full range of Industry LCD solution to meet all major industry requirements. We use professional ¡§portrait mode¡¨ LCD panel when customers need to present portrait mode layout. The dedicated portrait mode LCD panel has longer lifetime than normal 16:9 LCD panel in portrait mode.

Dedicated Portrait Mode LCD panel

Click here to watch the portrait mode layout video:

MSO Plus/MSO Gold Introduction

Depends on your application and level of management control, we have created different MSO software for you to choose from. The introduction video will help you quickly realize the software features and design concept.


MSO Gold Introduction Video

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MSO Plus/MSO Gold Quick Tour

We understand how frustrated you are in the first try of digital signage software operation, so we create the quick tour video to guide you through the basic operation. Hope you enjoy it.

MSO Plus Quick Tour

MSO Gold Quick Tour

Click here to watch the MSO Plus/MSO Gold Quick Tour video:

HTML Bulletin

HTML format is very easy to edit and apply layout design, you can even link HTML to database and build a dynamic bulletin. HTML Bulletin is focus on applications need to show information in table format such as currency exchange rate, bus timetable, airline timetable, school bulletin¡Ketc.

HTML Bulletin

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Winmates Video Library
Want to see more video? We show all our products, features and technologies.

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