Published on Apr 03, 2008

High Quality and Long Distance Solution -            
              SDI Signal Transmission without Quality loss



Winmate¡¦s Serial Digital Interface (SDI) products are primarily designed for high quality long distance signal transmission of up to 100M(HD-SDI) / 300M(SD-SDI) with no data lost/ no compression, for professional studio, broadcast and transportation video applications. Winmate SDI converter and SDI LCD can loop output SDI signal as a repeater.
This illustration shows the long distance signal transmission possibilities:

  • NTSC/PAL input auto-detect
  • Long distance signal transmission
  • Video mode input auto-detect
  • Signal Processing 8/10 bit
  • Uncompressed signal
  • Signal transmission distance: SD-SDI(300M), HD-SDI(100M
  • No lost signal
  • Lockable 5VDC Adapter
  • Supported Mode: SD-SDI , HD-SDI
  • I/O (SDI in, SDI Loop out, Component out, s-Video out, Composite out)
  • Studio
  • Broadcasting
  • Transportation
    How long is 300 meters for signal transmission? For you image:
1. 300 meters are approximately the Length of a train with 12 carriages
    2. 300 meters are approximately the Height of Eiffel Tower
    3. 300 meters are approximately the Length of Boeing 747 x 4

More Information:
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