Published on JAN. 06, 2009


Winmate provides various system-level solutions along with high quality and industrial-level system integration services to deliver highest performance, reliability and scalability to our customers. The new released Atom™ Product line provides a fanless and compact solution that meets the requirements of the embedded market, with highest reliability, industrial grade and best performance-per-watt.

Winmate always invests in the latest technologies to upgrade product quality and provide the best performance to meet customers' applications. For the Atom series Panel PC, it is built with innovative technologies to handle the customers' various applications.

Winmate's unique technologies including

1. Sunlight Readable, enhanced visibility.
2. Superior Cooling&Thermal Design, using thermal simulation and high efficient thermal design to optimize the fanless Panel PC to handle long-term usage without any overheat issue.
3. Various sizes and mechanical designs for customers' requirements, which provides the many choices to meet customers' environments.

For the Atom Panel PCs, Winmate released from 7 inch to 19 inch and several kinds of mechanical design as blow. You may choose different combination depending on your requirement.

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