Published on JAN. 10, 2009


Winmate creates a 12V to ATX mini-sized DC Converter, DD-12AX-120-SL, to reduce the annoying ATX cable and valuable space for Mini-ITX SBC variable applications less than 120 Watt.

  Winmate Communication Inc. is a professional Industrial LCD/DS/PC provider for over a decade. Winmate not only provides the system solutions, but also creates plenty value-added embedded modules.
  • Compact size and cable reduced design
  • High efficiency DC-DC Converter
  • No minimum load required
  • Output over-current protection
  • DC soft start function
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Operating Temp. : 0~50°C
  • Efficiency: 90% at full load

There is no need for heavy ATX cable blocking air flow and wasting space of the system. This makes installation easy and simple.

More Information:

If you have any technical questions, sample request, or require more product details, please contact your current Winmate Distributor or local Winmate vendor.If you can not reach them, welcome to send enquiry to and we will help you to find immediate support inshort time.

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