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Published on MAR. 05, 2009
Digital Signage in Museum

Through innovative technology, the digital signage facilitate the interaction among the museum's exhibitions, collections and visitors. Bringing brand new experience to museum visitors with Winmate's digital signage ; promote your museum and attract more visitors.

  • Accept 6 types of memory cards
  • Support MPEG 1/2/4, JPG,MP3
  • All operations done by remote control
  • Slide show with multiple transition effects
  • Touch Interactive
At the entrance
  • General museum information
  • Greetings and messages for visitors
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Ticket prices, promotions of special exhibitions or artists
  • Museum promotional video
At the exhibition hall, hallway
  • The introduction and information of the historical relics
  • Slideshow or video of the historical relics
Around elevators
  • Museum guide and video clips of future exhibitions
  • Museum promotional video
  • Activities announcement
Provide more information
  Visitors can use the interactive digital signage to get more information
about the origin, background and story of the historical relics.
Spread the achievements of digital archives to the public

There are so many museums invest in digital archives for many years.
Through Winmate's interactive digital signage can facilitate the museum
to spread their achievements of digital archives to the public.

Alleviate the work loading
  When visitors can get more information about the museum/gallery, they
will reduce the needs of inquiring.
Increase the score in Museum Appraise
Innovation is one of Museum Appraise item, combine technology
and art to create a more pleasant and convenient space is valuable.

We provide the simplest and most powerful software "MPO"(Media Player Organizer) for you to define the touch and push button actions, such as showing a project picture or playing a music video.

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