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Published on Oct. 01, 2009

The stainless designed display with the embedded 6-in-1 standalone media player engine is capable of an extraordinary application.
In comparison with other types of mechanical housing which rust in high humidity, the stainless chassis displays are anti-corrosive. 3mm thick glass can be added to make it vandal-proof. Stainless chassis can be used in many applications such as museums, shopping centers, halls, schools, and venues requiring direction, guidance, and information.
Combined with a 6-in-1 multi-type card slot would make this a perfectly compact and portable unit for advertising and directions. This is an alternative to the awkward process of connecting digital data devices directly to a window based PC or Mac.


Multimedia Support:

  Quality: Video (S-Video, Composite)   MPEG1, MPEG2& MPEG4
  Layout: Single-zone Display   MP3(Stereo& DolbyDigital 5.1)

Media Update:


  With Memory Cards   Easy installation and usage
    (CF/MD/SD/MS/SM/MMC)   Lowest start-up investment
        Effective long-time Advertising
  Business Lobby
  Museum Entrance
  Aerospace Center
  Aviation Center
  Tourist Information Center


Stainless chassis media player also can be integrated with touch sensor to become more interactive as the optional solution, which bundles with Winmate-developed Media Player Organizer (MPO) software. MPO is the user-friendly software which allows you to create touch and button projects in simple steps. Supported media formats are MPEG 1/2/4, MP3, and jpeg.
You can easily create your own interactive signage program and enjoy the stunning multimedia playback.

Media Player (without Touch)

Interactive Media Player (with Touch)

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