Published on Nov. 05 2009

In the LED Backlight display series, Winmate has added the new sizes: 17", 19" and 21.5" to the family. Those panels have extremely long life, high durability and low power consumption and are superior compare to CCFL types. Winmate provide you with a complete product range with LED Backlight. If you want to find a LED panel for industrial applications, you have the best choice for your reference.


The series includes three new LCD products in the LED product line, and the information is shown as follows:


17" Open Frame LCD

Screen Size : 17"
Display Resolution (pixel) : 1280x1024
Contrast Ratio : 800:1 (typ.)
Brightness (CD/m^2) : 800 (typ.)

19" Open Frame LCD

Screen Size : 19"
Display Resolution (pixel) : 1280x1024
Contrast Ratio : 1000:1 (typ.)
Brightness (CD/m^2) : 800 (typ.)

21.5" Open Frame LCD

Screen Size : 21.5"(16:9)
Display Resolution (pixel) : 1920x1080
Contrast Ratio : 1000:1 (typ.)
Brightness (CD/m^2) : 250 (typ.)

More LED Backlight Products:

  • Small form factors for improved design flexibility
  • Environmentally friendly-no hazardous materials, ex. mercury
  • Rapid on and restrike times (<100 ms)
  • Digital control with 100% dimming capability
  • Vivid saturated colors without filters
  • Lower power consumption of LCD displays
  • Automotive Display
  • Casino
  • GPS
  • Kiosks
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Avionics
More Information:

If you have any technical questions, sample request, or require more product details, please contact your current Winmate Distributor or local Winmate vendor.If you can not reach them, welcome to send enquiry to and we will help you to find immediate support inshort time.

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