Published on Jun. 25, 2010

Since the mobile revolution, 3G Networks and fast download allowing many new markets to reach out their limits and evolve into new dimensions. So does also Digital Signage, that was always connected by cable or WiFi networks, and had to be supported by the complex IT networks to make it workable. Security concerns, high installation and maintenance cost was some of the major blocking factors, that let Digital Signage grow slower then expected.

Now with UMTS/HSDPA Download speeds of up to 7.2Mb/s and the high interest of the mobile phone providers to get market shares, the flat rates for unlimited download's has reached a very interesting performance for everybody.

Imagine, a LCD with Full HD, a Network player with 3G build in,.. And just insert your SIM, and it connects to your Server, and you manage, upload, download, and control all players thru 3G,..

So the 3G solution is perfect if many places need only one display with a Network Player,.. For example:

It shows how easy this is working, in 2 steps your Digital Signage is setup and running:

With the new solution, Winmate combines the most reliable player platform with the latest mobile technology at a very competitive price.

The HSDPA technology can reach Players even if they are located inside buildings, has very high download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and great reliability thru the managed content provided by MSO Gold. It is greatly optimized for the use of mobile connections and sends only the necessary data, no duplicate files and can be scheduled when to update.

Thru one public IP, your MSO Gold server can mange many hundreds of 3G connected players and server them with new content, RSS information or HTML Bulletins, to inform your Audience about the daily news of politics, sports and economy as well as localized content!

What will be your cost? - lets count it.. (the amounts are just symbolic to show the relation)

Installation cost

takes less then 5 min to connect the power cable and DVI, insert the SIM

Setup cost

Zero, no IT is needed to setup Firewall’s Gateways, VPN’s or other things.

Maintenance cost

Zero, as the Network player is managed thru 3G, no maintenance is needed.

Monthly Cost

Flat rate, depending on your skills to get the best flat rate available.

Installation cost: 0-20 USD.. Monthly : maybe 20 USD

Compare with an Network based installation:

1 hour IT professional

min. 250 USD

Maybe additional Network equipment, ADSL, WIFI

100-200 USD

Maybe additional cable installations

200-300 USD

Monthly cost of ADSL

xx USD

Installation cost: approx. 1000 USD, plus some monthly cost.

So with 1000 USD installation cost each player, I can run my 3G network already 50 Month or about 4 years!!

  1. Installation cost minimal
  2. 100% safe for the local IT Infrastructure, as not connected to each other
  3. No Network infrastructure needed…
  4. No local maintenance needed, all managed from MSO Gold
The new 3G Option will be ready in June!


  • 3G Moduel Built-in
  • Rugged Housing Design
  • Layout Designer
  • DVI output up to 1920x1080
  • Additional Support WMV9
  • Real Time RSS Feed 


  • 3G Module Built-in
  • Accepts Component/S-video/Composite LiveInput
  • Layout Designer
  • DVI output up to 1920x1080
  • Additional Support WMV9
  • Real Time RSS Feed 

If you have any technical questions, sample request, or require more product details, please contact your current Winmate Distributor or local Winmate vendor.If you can not reach them, welcome to send enquiry to and we will help you to find immediate support in short time.

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