Published on May. 09. 2012

Winmate has delivered a full series of HMI (Human Machine Interface) product solution including x86 and ARM-based platforms that can support different operating systems, various mechanical housings for diverse uses, wide range of sizes, and also Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution.

Embedded with Intel Atom Z510 CPU, the sizes of the x86-based HMI products are from 5.7"‚ 6.5"‚ 7"‚ 10.1"‚to 10.4". In addition to general I/O like two RS-232s (one can be chosen as RS422/485), two LANs, one VGA and two USBs, PC-HMI products provide customers to be able to select optional 2-channel CAN. 
Compared with PC HMI supporting Windows Embedded operating system, ARM HMI Series is an alternative solution that can support other operating systems like Windows CE, Linux, and QT Embedded. The wide range of OS selection enhances flexibility for users, especially system integrators, to develop their own programs under Winmate HMI.
There are two solutions in Winmate ARM HMI products: one is embedded with ARM11 processor while the other is using Cortex A8 processor.  
Without installation of power and adapter, POE PPC can work depending on its RJ-45 cable that can transfer data and power simultaneously. The feature can overcome power-related problems so PPC can be installed anywhere without being limited by power. Moreover, users can save expenses such as power installation fee. POE can be broadly applied to industrial control, retails, and any fields where network via LAN is needed. Winmate supplies 5.7" and 7" PoE with ARM solution; 7" and 10.1" POE with PC solution.

  PC HMI (Intel Atom Z510) ARM HMI (ARM11) ARM HMI (Cortex A8 720MHz)
4.3" - W04SA20-OFH1HM -
6.5" R06I93S-PMA1HM - -
7" W07I93S-PMA2HM W07SA20-OFA2HM -
8" - R08SA20-OFA1HM -
10.1" W10I93S-PMH1HM W10SA20-OFH1HM W10TA3S-PMH1HM
10.4" R10I93S-PMA2HM - -
15" - - R15TA3S-PMC3HM
Note: Model Name ended with PD means PoE solution.



Resolution : 480x272
Contrast Ratio : 600:1 (typ.)
Brightness : 500 (typ.)
Viewing Angle : -75,75 (H); -60,70 (V)
System Memory : Onboard DDR-266 128MByte


Resolution : 800x480
Contrast Ratio : 500:1 (typ.)
Brightness : 300 (typ.)
Viewing Angle : -70~70 (H); -50~70 (V)
Processor : Intel® Atom Z510P 1.1GHz Processor
System Memory : Default 1 x SO DIMM DDR2 512MB
HDD : Default 1 x Mini PCIe SSD MLC 4GB


Resolution : 1024x768
Contrast Ratio : 500:1 (typ.)
Brightness : 250 (typ.)
Viewing Angle : -70~70 (H); -60~60 (V)
System Memory : Onboard 256MB DDR

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