Published on Aug. 21. 2012

The Climate Change is getting fiercely than ever. The Northern Hemisphere such as Europe and North America currently are under ice, wind, and storms which has caused severe damages. On the contrary, the Southern Hemisphere like Australia is attacked by heat waves and it has caused wild fires everywhere in the continent.

Winmate releases the Wide Range Temperature LCDs which can survive in those harsh environments. The Wide Range Temperature LCDs are capable of delivering accurate color images in extreme sunlight and under a wide operating temperature range from -20 degrees to +65 degree Celsius.

Except the benefits of Wide Range Temperature, the IP65-rate(NEMA 4) design is ideal for use in harsh, wet and dusty environments, such as outdoor kiosks or spa pool kiosks.

Model Name Model Name Resolution Brightness System Operating temp
8.4”  R08T200-IPT1WT 800x600 450 (typ.) -20℃~55℃
10.4” R10L600-IPA1WT 800x600 400 (typ.) -20℃~65℃
12.1” R12L600-IPM2WT 1024x768 500(typ.) -20℃~55℃
15” R15L600-IPM2WT 1024x768 400 (typ.) -20℃~55℃
15” R15T600-IPA1WT 1024x768 550 (typ.) -20℃~55℃
17” S17L500-IPM1WT 1280x1024 350(typ.) -20℃~65℃
19” R19L300-IPA2WT 1280x1024 350(typ.) -20℃~60℃

  • Wide range temperature LCD
  • P65-rate design (NEMA 4, front side)
  • Touch technology integrated (option)
  • Healthcare and Hospitals
  • Intelligent hospitality services
  • Browser in Public Spaces
  • Advanced Service in Retail Stores and Restaurant
  • Signage in Enterprise, Campus, and Shopping Center
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