Published on Oct. 2. 2012

  • Intel® Atom Dual-Core N2600 1.6GHz
  • Fanless cooling system
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • NEMA4/ IP54 or IP65 compliant front panel
  • Win XP Embedded / Win 7 Embedded
  • Optional Controller Area Network (CAN 2.0B)
  • Wide range temperature
  • Aluminum front bezel
  • LED Backlight Panel

To cope with the increasing demand on the high speed performance Panel PC, Winmate Communication launched the second generation of 5.7" ~10.1" HMI Panel PCs, powered by a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom N2600 processors. After our successful first generation of panel PC that used 1.1Ghz Intel Atom Z510 processors, we want to fulfill the customer’s dream with high performance processor. The Atom N2600 chip and NM10 chipset will speed up this panel PC performance, it will make HD video playback and slide shows flawless.

Front bezel design will support this panel PC in harsh environments. These Panel PCs are also available in IP65 product series; allow users to use in harsh, wet and dusty environment and applications. Winmate also offers our users with the PoE solution for 7” (W07ID3S-PMA2PD) and 10.1” (W10ID3S-PMH1PD) Panel PC. This PoE will safely transfer electrical power along with data, to remote devices over standard category 5 cable in an Ethernet network. PoE gives users a safer solution to prevent possible data loss or system damage from sudden cut-off of power supply.

Intel® Atom Dual Core N2600 1.6GHz
Size Resolution Brightness Panel Mount IP65 PoE PPC
5.7" 640 x 480
7" 800 x 480 300 nits W07ID3S-PMA2HM W07ID3S-IPA2HM W07ID3S-PMA2PD
8" 800 x 600 250 nits R08ID3S-PMA1HM R08ID3S-IPA1HM R08ID3S-PMA1PD
8.4" 800 x 600 450 nits R08ID3S-PMT1HM R08ID3S-IPT1HM R08ID3S-PMT1PD
10.1" 1024 x 600 200 nits W10ID3S-PMH1HM W10ID3S-IPH1HM W10ID3S-PMH1PD
• Browser in public space
• Advance service in retail stores and restaurant
• Signage in enterprise, campus, and shopping center
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