Published on Jan.02.2013

Winmate have paid attention to the latest phone fashion trends -- We make sleek, super modern multi-touch handhelds. Through this newsletter user can tell it is 2013, so we want to introduce our product series that comes with Android as its Operating system. The Android product line range from 3.5 to 4.3-inches and share many common specification such as processor, High brightness display, and wide range temperature. Our product series start from 3.5-inch; C350T and for 4.3-inch we provide our S430T, E430, and E430BR2(1D/2D). All of these products provide the rugged attributes of Android based handheld form factors.

Features C350T S430T E430 E430BR2(1D/2D)
Compact Rugged
Handheld with keypad
Super Rugged Handheld Elegant Rugged Handheld Elegant Rugged Handheld
With Barcode Reader
Processor TI OMAP3730 1.0 GHz
Operating system Android 2.3.4
System Memory SDRAM : 256 MB SDRAM : 512 MB SDRAM : 512 MB SDRAM : 512 MB
Storage External Micro SD
card (up to 32GB)
External Micro SD
card (up to 32GB)
External Micro SD
card (up to 32GB)
External Micro SD
card (up to 32GB)
WiFi Default Default Default Default
GPS Default Default Default Default
Bluetooth Default Default Default Default
3G Voice /
data transmission
Optional Optional Optional Optional
(either one)
LF / HF RFID Optional Optional Optional Optional
1D / 2D
Barcode Reader
Optional Optional Optional Default
Size 3.5-inch 4.3-inch 4.3-inch 4.3-inch
Resolution 240 x 320 480 x 800 480 x 800 480 x 800
Brightness 440nits 400nits 400nits 400nits
keypad 21-Alphanumerical key 10-key 4 Capacitive key 4 Capacitive key
Touch 4-Wire resistive touch Projected
IP Sealing IP54 IP67 IP66 IP65
MIL -STD Compliance with MIL-STD 810F standard
Weight 280 grm 450 grm 220 grm 232grm

These handheld series are powered by a Texas Instrument OMAP3730 processor that can handle Android. The OMAP chip are supported by 256MB of RAM, 512MB of Flash, a micro SD card slot, and a powerful rechargeable battery good for full shift operation. For communication, these series comes with 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth v2.1 and a built-in GPS module. Bluetooth manager is also embedded to provide a friendly and easy to use interface for managing the Bluetooth. Optional equipment includes a 3G WWAN module that support Voice and data transmission as well as a 1D/2D barcode reader or a low frequency (125 KHz) or high frequency (13.56 MHz) RFID reader. Note that it's either a barcode reader or RFID but not both. General SDK (to capture data) and Advance SDK (to setting/trigger data) will be provided by Winmate for software developers. Barcode and RFID implementation in these product series will save time and cost as well as giving solution to the users in the area of logistic and warehouse.

If you are in need of a rugged Android based handheld, please contact Winmate’s local sales or visit the website for more details regarding our products.

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