Published on Jan.18.2013

Now, M970D-W8 is available with Windows 8 , providing a touch optimized user interface as well as full access to all Windows software. The new metro interface of Windows 8 fit perfectly with M970D-W8 multi touch. Our 9.7" rugged tablet PC is an elegant and attractive looking gadget that combines matte silver and black, glossy glass covers almost the entire front side profile. The right side of the tablet shows the power button and SIM Card slot. Top side features four buttons for speakers, volume-up, volume-down, accessing a programmable function and bringing up on screen menus for brightness, volume, battery status and one-click access to turning the wireless radios as well as the camera. The bottom side has the power jack, and audio in/out jack, an edge connector that supports either HDMI or LAN via cable. All the mount connectors have hinged protective rubber doors to protect it from harsh environment. Below is the tablet from different viewing point positions

  • Model name: M970D-W8
  • 9.7" 1024 x 768 Resolution LED IPS Panel
  • Low-power system with Intel® Atom N2600 processor
  • Now is available with Win 8 ,
    Win Embedded 8 version (available in April)
  • Projective-capacity touch (4 points)
  • 2GB SODIMM DDR3-800 memory
  • Built-in Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth Module
  • Support 3G & GPS function (optional)
  • Standard Battery 5300 mAh
  • Mobile rugged design: Anti-Shock, Vibration, and transit drop
  • IP54 water & dust proof
  • Approved by Europe Medical certificate EN60601-1-1 & EN60601-1-2

With millions of iPads sold, there's no denying that Apple nailed it in terms of size, screen size, interface, battery life and just about everything else. With the M970D-W8 tablet, Winmate clearly acknowledges that. The screen measures the same 9.7 inches as the iPad, and has the same 1024 x 768 XGA resolution as the original iPad and the iPad 2. There's the black bezel and the glass surface. Overall, this tablet seems just what a good number of customers have been waiting for: an iPad size tablet, but tougher and running Windows. But did we cover all the bases?

Capacitive touch has changed everything
Until the iPhone, almost every smartphone and tablet used either a resistive touch screen or one with some sort of active stylus. Apple changed all that with projected capacitive multi-touch technology that allowed effortless tapping, swiping, pinching and zooming. This poses a problem for devices running Windows (which wasn't designed for capacitive touch) and for anyone wanting to use their device with gloves on or in the rain (capacitive touch can't handle that). There are hybrid solutions that use both capacitive touch and a pen, but Winmate decided to go all the way and offer a pure capacitive touch screen, like the iPad's.

Size, shape and weight matter
In the new world of iPad-class media tablets, size and weight matter. The iPad's 9.7 inch screen size, conventional 4:3 aspect ratio, and roughly pound-and-a-half weight have remained the gold standard. Our Winmate tablet has an iPad size screen, and despite its somewhat larger footprint it mostly feels like a toughened-up iPad. At 1kg it weighs almost a pound more, but somehow it seems to weigh less than that and lighter than other rugged tablet available in the market.

The ruggedness issue
iPads are sleek and light, but they also break quite easily. People have posted plenty of broken iPad videos on YouTube, and here, all of our iPads have protective cases. But a wimpy portfolio case is not always enough. In the real world, tablets do get dropped, and they get rained on. So the ability to withstand a 4-foot drop and survive a downpour should be expected, and that's what Winmate offers here something rugged with IP54

Principal design element
One of the principal design elements of the M970D-W8 are the four black bumpers that protect the corners of the tablet. In some tablets, such bumpers are either optional or look like an afterthought, but that's not the case in this tablet. Winmate fully integrated the bumpers into the design while making sure they can easily be replaced. Each bumper consists of two layers, a very tough piece of plastic and then a black rubber layer molded onto it. These bumpers definitely provide good edge protection. They also extend a bit out front, and that adds some protection if the tablet falls on its face.

Superb Display
A tablet's display can make or break the product. We expect a bright, vibrant screen these days, one that is rock-solid, displays every detail, and shows deep, rich color. The days where a bit of flickering or color-banding was acceptable are long gone, and color-shifts as you look at the screen from different angles are a definite no-no. To realize just how important displays have become, look no farther than the iPhone and iPad where Apple redefined the rules once again with their "retina" displays. For now, no one has a display like the latest iPad with its incredible 2048 x 1536 quadruple XGA resolution, and you wouldn't expect a rugged tablet to come anywhere close to that latest iPad.

Yet, amazingly, Winmate accepted the challenge and came up with a screen that is far, far better than it has any right to be. In fact and everyday use, in most applications it looks every bit as good as the vaunted new iPad that has quadrupled resolution. If that sounds unbelievable, well, take a look at the pictures below. Test pictures from angles to check for reflections or deterioration of display view ability. In this case, M970D-W8 (left side) and iPad (right side) display surfaces reflected, but the picture stayed bright and clear, without any color shifts or aberrations.

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