Published on Mar.14.2013

Winmate 15-inch Stainless Panel PC and Display is our rugged panel computer with a rustproof stainless steel enclosure; it is completely sealed with a large and high resolution (1024 x 768) with integrated Resistive or P-Cap touch. Our stainless series is built to withstand mechanical stresses and harsh environmental factors, with its true flat design it can be easily cleaned and disinfected even with corrosive solutions.

  • Special flat touch design (ELO Resistive or P-Cap touch)
  • 15" TFT XGA LCD, 1024 x 768, 400 nits
  • NEMA4 (Full IP65) protection make it dust and water proof
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Fully IP65 sealed connector and cable protection
  • Intel Atom N2600(1.6GHz) dual core processor for Fanless and ultra low power consumption stainless Panel PC
  • Stainless material
    304 SUS 304 S30400 304 1.4301
Product Order Information:
15” Stainless Panel PC 15” Stainless Display
R15ID3S-65A1FTE R15ID3S-65A1FTP R15L600-65A1FTE R15L600-65A1FTP
ELO 5-wire Resistive touch (default optional) Projected Capacitive (optional) ELO 5-wire Resistive touch (default optional) Projected capacitive (optional)
Intel Atom N2600 1.66 Ghz  
Intel NM10 chipset  
DDR3 SO-DIMM 800/1066 MHz, 2GB (up to 4GB)  
Mini PCIe SSD 32GB (up to 256 GB)  

Winmate 15" stainless panel PC is embedded with Intel Atom N2600 1.66 GHz for ultra low power consumption, It use polished CNS 304 stainless steel enclosures with smooth surfaces, the optional resistive or P-Cap touch screen allows for simple operation via custom software applications. This device is designed as a stylish rugged panel pc / display and serve well as space-saving solutions. Figure 1 shows that the true flat design give this device an elegant touch and rugged at the same time, it is perfectly fit for harsh industrial environment.

Winmate 15" stainless panel pc and display come in many different configurations. Our waterproof IP65 model came with four special IP65 ports that required screw-on adapter cables to provide external connectivity.

Figure 1. True Flat design
for elegant and stylish yet
rugged design.
  • Food processing plant automation control
  • Kitchen application
  • Chemical plant or laboratory
  • Clinical area / pharmaceutical / medical
  • Operating and monitoring in Oil, Gas & Energy industry
  • Industrial automation control in slaughtering house
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