Published on May.10.2013


Winmate LCD Kits come with various size of industrial Grade display which is verified to work with all Winmate embedded boards and systems. These series offers the most cost effective solution for industry and supports both indoor and outdoor application with high brightness solution. Through our LCD Kits Solution in our website, user will be able to find the right controller for their LCD, this solution generator also provide users with related accessories for control board such as panel cable, Inverter, OSDĀ  or Miscellaneous cables. Winmate also offers panel enhancement, touch panel integration, and optical bonding services.

Order Information:
Size Model Name Brand Resolution Brightness AD Board
5.7” R05T100-KTD1 Data Image 640 x 480 400 (typ.) R5W
6.5” R06L200-KTA1 AUO 640x480 700 (typ.) R5W
7"(16:9) W07T740-KTA2 Innolux 800x480 300 (typ.) R5W
8" R08T100-KTA1 Ampire 800x600 250 (typ.) R5W
8.4” R08T200-KTT1 AUO 800x600 450 (typ.) R5W
10.1” W10L100-KTH1 HanStar 1024x600 200 (typ.) R5W
10.4" R10L100-KTA2 AUO 640x480 450 (typ.) R5W
10.4" R10L200-KTU1 AUO 800x600 230 (typ.) R5W
10.4" R10L100-KTT2 Innolux 1024x768 350 (typ.) R5W
12.1" R12L100-KTA1 AUO 800x600 450 (typ.) R5W
12.1" R12L600-KTM2 Innolux 1024x768 500 (typ.) R5W
15" R15L600-KTC3 CPT 1024x768 250 (typ.) R2A
15" R15T600-KTA1 AUO 1024x768 550 (typ.) R2A
15.6"(16:9) W15L100-KTA2 AUO 1366x768 300 (typ.) R2A
17" S17L500-KTM1
CMO 1280x1024 300 (typ.) R2A
18.5" W18L100-KTA2 AUO 1366x768 250 (typ.) R2A
19" R19L300-KTM1 Innolux 1280x1024 250 (typ.) R2A
20.1" R20L100-KTA2 LG 1600x1200 300(typ.) R2A
21.5"(16:9) W22L100-KTA2 AUO 1920x1080 250 (typ.) R2A
24” W24L100-KTA1 AUO 1920x1080 250(typ.) R2A
27" W27L100-KTA1 AUO 1920x1080 300(typ.) R2A
32"(16:9) W32L300-KTA3 AUO 1920x1080 350(typ.) R2A
42"(16:9) W42L300-KTA3 AUO 1920x1080 500(typ.) R2A
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